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Must-Have Garden Features This Year!

Are you looking for ideas to liven up your Adelaide garden? Whether it is a complete garden makeover you need or just looking to update the look of your Adelaide garden, this year’s new gardening features and trends will bring you some guidance and inspiration for sure.

Every year, gardening experts and designers publish their insights on what is trending in planting, garden design styles and materials. These are some of the gardening features that will shape our Adelaide gardens in 2019 and beyond:


Wild and Perennial Meadows

Experimenting with wildflower and perennial meadows is a key trend from 2018 that is set to continue in 2019 as well. This gardening feature encourages adopting a much looser and more relaxed approach in planting. It is considered a move towards a more natural, wild look.

Think asymmetrically and focus on a less structured gardening style to give your Adelaide garden this rustic and unique feel. You can position the plants less formally and geometrically and mix different types, such as bedding plants with perennials and shrubs to give your Adelaide garden a unique appearance.


Climate Change Gardening

The climate is changing, and no one can deny that. This gardening trend will help your Adelaide garden cope with the harsh weather conditions we have been experiencing recently around the world.

To create a more ecological Adelaide garden, you need to apply a gardening scheme that is drought-resistant and saves excess water rather than losing it through the soil. You should also use plants that can fend for themselves.


Bold and Bright Colours

2019 gardening trends are all about the inclusion of large-leaved, bold printed, vibrant coloured plants. This gardening style aims to bring the indoor interior design trends, which rely on bright coloured furniture and home accessories, to your Adelaide outdoor space.


For the overall look of your Adelaide garden not to be overwhelming, try to apply this gardening trend.


Hanging Houseplants Outdoors

In 2019, we see more exotic houseplants translated outdoors in Adelaide gardens. This gardening trend continues to grow in popularity and is already dominating the 2019 gardening scene.

The architectural leaves and stems of these sculptural plants will make a bold statement indoors or outside in your Adelaide garden. The different pots and planters can be used as garden accessories, and the foliage, colour and texture of the plants will add a decorative touch to your Adelaide garden.

Before you integrate any of these features in your Adelaide garden, you need to make a well thought out a gardening plan first. At Guaranteed Garden Services, our mission is to help you create the Adelaide garden of your dreams.

Whether it be beautiful roses or fruit trees that your Adelaide garden needs or a stunning water-wise native garden you are looking for, Guaranteed Garden Services will make your dream garden a reality.

Catch up with the latest gardening trends, call us today!