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5 Gardening Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing!

“No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.” – Hugh Johnson.

Gardening is a fine art that should be approached carefully. When it comes to garden maintenance, homeowners usually learn through trial and error. Unfortunately, gardening mistakes are costly. They will cost you time, money, effort and maybe even your plants.

To help you avoid these costly mistakes, Guaranteed Garden Services provides you with professional garden maintenance services in Adelaide. With over ten years of experience, we have seen it all. These are the most common gardening mistakes we have come across:

Wrong Watering Technique

To water or not to water, that is the biggest dilemma in garden maintenance. Over-watering could drown your plants’ roots and make them rot. On the other hand, under-watering could dehydrate the plants.

Watering at the wrong time of the day is also a common mistake. If you water when the sun is at its strongest, the water will evaporate quickly, and the water droplets on the plants will act as magnifying glasses for the sun, burning the leaves. The best time to water your Adelaide garden is either early in the morning or late at night.

With the harsh climate conditions of Adelaide, keeping your garden well-hydrated, without flooding it could be tricky. However, with Guaranteed Garden Services’ custom-made garden irrigation solutions, you can rest assured your Adelaide plants will get the required amount of water at the right time.

Ignoring Weather Changes

Your Adelaide garden is deeply affected by seasonal weather changes. Some plants, like corn and beans, prefer warm soil, while other vegetables, such as broccoli and kale should be planted in the winter. Therefore, before choosing the plants you want for your Adelaide garden, make sure they are suited for that time of year and can withstand the local weather conditions.

Seasonal garden maintenance is also essential to prepare your plants for the upcoming weather changes. For instance, to protect your young or delicate plants from the windy winter days, you can cover them with a plastic bottle cut in half.

Poor Weeding

Chopping off the top of a weed is not considered proper weeding. To stay on top of the weed situation in your Adelaide garden, you need to uproot those weeds before they intertwine with the roots of your plants. Otherwise, you would not be able to differentiate between the weeds’ roots and those of your plants.

Scalping the Lawn

Another common mistake is cutting the lawn too short, especially during hot, dry seasons. It could burn your grass and damage it. During the summer season, it is advisable to let your grass grow longer to keep it hydrated and moisturised.


Too much of anything is wrong; the same goes for fertilisers. Using the right amount of fertilisers will provide your Adelaide garden with the nutrients it needs to flourish. However, over-fertilising could kill your plants.

To help you avoid these mistakes and get the customised garden maintenance your plants need, call us now!