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Common Gardening Mistakes

Gardening looks like an easy job that anyone can do; you only need to know how to dig a hole, use the garden hose and remove any dead leaves or flowers. However, that is not the case!

Your Adelaide garden needs a lot of things that only a professional, experienced gardener can perform. For example, how much space each plant needs to grow or what the best watering technique for your plants is. Some gardening mistakes can be hard to fix and if not treated correctly, could ruin your Adelaide plants. These are some of the most common gardening mistakes inexperienced gardeners make:

Shallow Watering

The watering techniques you use have a direct, substantial impact on your Adelaide garden. If you spray your plants with a regular garden hose, then you are not watering your garden correctly. You are just washing down the dust off the leaves. The plants will look cleaner, but a minimal amount of water will reach the roots.

Plants do not drink through their leaves. Therefore, it is the roots that your watering technique should focus on. Shallow watering will cause the roots not to grow deep in the soil, as they will reach upwards for water. Consequently, your plants will need more frequent watering and will become prone to toppling over.

Using Too Much Pesticide

By using too much pesticides in your gardening routine, you are not only risking contaminating the soil of your Adelaide garden. Pesticides do not only keep pests out of your Adelaide garden, but they can also scare off insect pollinators, which are not your Adelaide garden enemies. On the contrary, your plants need pollinators to grow more fruits or vegetables.

Not Pruning Regularly

No one can deny that regular pruning of your plants is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. However, ignoring a critical gardening task like pruning will not only cost you the shape and structure of your plants. Left unpruned, unnecessary branches will compete with your blooming flowers and fruits over the plant’s energy.

Unplanned Planting

Most people start planting without making a gardening plan first. They only care about the looks and the matching colours of the plants, but this is not enough. Other aspects, such as the space each plant needs to grow freely and where the sunlight hits your Adelaide garden during the day, must also be considered.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, our experienced professional gardeners know how to avoid and fix all of these common gardening mistakes and more. We will take care of all the hard gardening work for you.

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