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The Best Australian Plants For A Low Maintenance Garden!

Gardens are great at improving your home’s curb appeal, but they can do much more. The natural charm of your Adelaide home garden lies in its ability to make you enjoy the most out of your property.

 Green outdoor spaces are ideal for leisure and relaxation. Simply admiring the beauty of a flowerbed or spending some time reading under a tree does wonders for your mood and mental health. 

With some essential gardening tips, you can transform your backyard into a dream garden to help you escape from your hectic daily life. Today’s post will help you discover how to change your Adelaide garden into your favourite part of your home.

Australian Plants For Low Maintenance Garden Care


Lawn care means adding low-maintenance plants to your garden. The edible flower Thyme can make your front yard look beautiful and is an excellent part of your lawn landscape. Make sure to have irrigation systems in place to make your garden beds healthy.

Thyme is easy to grow. You can place it on the garden bed or in pots. Place this edible flower under the sun, and you’ll have a rich and colourful landscape design. Gardening experts can include this flower in their landscaping.


Another low-maintenance plant for your lawns and gardens is the Lavender. This purple flower is a sight to behold. It has a pleasant fragrance that comes out most of the time. A garden landscape with Lavender is a great gardening design.

Garden maintenance can be that easy with this low maintenance plant. You can even make a garden shed as part of your gardening care. Try having Lavender in your lawns and gardens and make your front yard look fabulous.


The Agave plant gives a more architectural look to your garden beds. Make this plant a part of your recent gardening hobby. If you are hesitant to plant the Agave, you can always call a gardener near you to help.

An Agave plant is easy to grow, especially when it is under the sun. Gardening experts would do a fantastic job when they add the Agave plant to their garden maintenance. Local gardeners in Adelaide can also help with mowing and gardening, and planting the Agave.

Gardening Tips to Improve Your Adelaide Outdoor Spaces

Consider Adding a Lawn

Lawns require frequent mowing and an efficient irrigation system, but they are still one of the best elements to include in any garden. There’s a good reason why a vibrant green lawn is considered the staple of any beautiful front or backyard. 

Lawns are highly resistant and bring colour and good looks to your garden year-round. Additionally, a yard acts as the perfect surface for lounging, playing with children and more. 

For added convenience, a professional Adelaide gardening service can help you install and maintain a lawn.

Choose Plants that Adapt Well to Local Climate

There’s a reason why certain types of plants grow in different regions and climates. Each plant has additional requirements that allow them to grow and thrive. 

local gardeners in adelaide area

Working with natural vegetation in your region will guarantee your garden looks its best with the least amount of effort. As seasons come and go, you can rest easy, knowing your garden will survive and adapt intact. 

On the other hand, choosing exotic greenery will involve more effort and often lead to an unhealthy looking garden.

Plan Ahead

Before you start planting flowerbeds or laying stone patterns, stop and create a landscaping plan. To create a beautiful, dreamy garden, you need to ensure each element involved will work harmoniously together. 

Your goal should be to select plants, flowers and other features that work well together visually and match your vision. We highly recommend you work with a landscape artist or Adelaide gardening service to plan your design.

 These gardening experts will best advise you on flora species selection, layout, and planting.

In Conclusion

By building a garden in your Adelaide home, you can increase the time you spend outdoors and improve the looks of your property.

Professional gardening services are the perfect solution to help you design, plant, and care for your new garden space. 
For the best results and locally acclaimed expertise, there’s no better choice than Guaranteed Garden Services. To get more information on our gardening and landscaping services, call us at 0407 304 977 or write us a message by filling our contact form.

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