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Gardening Tips For Beginners

For new homeowners and gardening newbies, tackling the maintenance of a garden can seem like a daunting task. From watering plants to keeping a perfectly green and small lawn, the amount of work involved to achieve the perfect garden is painstaking. 

However, you can follow a few basic steps to make the workload easier to get through. In today's article, we'll go over the garden maintenance basics you need to know to keep your Adelaide garden immaculate.

5 Steps to Simple Adelaide Professional Garden Care

Lawn Mowing

For most people, lawns make up the vast majority of their outdoor space. As one of your garden's main elements, you are keeping a well-kept lawn is extremely important. The state of your property has the power to transform your yard for good or worse.

As the grass in your yard begins to surpass the desired length, you should trim it back down to perfection. This simple task might be a bit tiring; however, you can easily delegate it by hiring a gardener. If you have a gardener, you need to consider your maintenance cost.

Local gardeners are available for garden makeovers. However, when you have a commercial property, the better it is to hire a professional for your property maintenance. 

Weed Control

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Not weeding out your garden frequently is the easiest way for your pristine greenery to become a jungle. One of the more straightforward chores you can do to keep your garden looking its best is periodically weeding out any green invaders.

Pest control also helps in caring for your garden. It makes your plants healthy. You can get a professional service from maintenance companies. Cleaning your garden makes it easy for your property maintenance. 


A well-watered garden will look healthy and beautiful. If you want your Adelaide garden to thrive, watering is the garden maintenance task you should never overlook. Many people put off watering their flowers, trees, and lawn because hosing everything down can be very time-consuming.

However, there are simple ways to automate the task. The best way to handle your garden's irrigation is by installing a complete irrigation system. This system can be programmed to run on a timer, set according to each of your plant's needs throughout the year. With a reliable system in place, your garden can take care of itself!


If you want to keep all your greenery colourful and full of life, pruning is necessary. As the season's change, your trees will require the trimming of dead leaves in preparation for flowering. Likewise, shrubs and hedges need trimming with the seasons to maintain their clean shapes.

General Cleaning

As with any other space in your home, cleaning and organizing have a significant aesthetic impact. No matter how lush your trees grow or how colourful your flowers look, clutter and dirt can dull even the most magnificent beauty of nature. 

It is essential to frequently collect leaves, dust pavement, rubbish removal, and clean any decking and furniture in your garden. Keeping pests in check is also a crucial part of avoiding maintenance issues.

 Once you mow your lawn or trim any branches, make sure to dispose of green waste appropriately.

In Conclusion

Having a beautiful Adelaide garden is a goal many homeowners have, however few know how to stay on track with the upkeep. While lawn care maintenance is a cumbersome task, the results are well worth it. If you don't have the time to work regularly in your garden, outsourcing the job is your best bet. 

Professional maintenance can save you priceless time while guaranteeing your home exteriors always look their best. At Guaranteed Garden Services, we can make your Adelaide garden care a breeze! 

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