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How Often Should You Be Mowing Your Lawn and Make Garden Maintenance Easy

Do you love the look of a vibrant green outdoor garden clean space but hate the idea of hard gardening work? Even if you have a busy schedule and little gardening experience, having a garden in your Adelaide home can bring you great joy. 

There are many ways to create a beautiful Adelaide garden that is also easy to upkeep. Garden maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. 

With the right tools, planning, and help, caring for your garden can become an easy task. In today’s post, we’ll share valuable advice to help you simplify your Adelaide gardening maintenance routine.

Adelaide Garden Maintenance Made Easy

Choose a Low Maintenance Garden Design

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To save the most time and effort in your garden you should stick to low maintenance plants and flowers. Choosing easy to care for plants doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics. 

On the other hand, by opting for the vegetation you can easily care for, it will be easier for your garden to look clean and well-kept year-round. 

While other high-maintenance flora species might seem appealing at first, not being able to keep up with care demands will lead to withering, drying out, or overgrowing.

Some general suggestions include sticking to a limited plant variety, low watering needs and avoiding lawns. 

For more personalized suggestions, we suggest working with a professional gardener. By analysing your gardening maintenance expectations and aesthetic vision, your gardener will be able to make personalized garden design suggestions.

Automate Your Irrigation

One of the most neglected and time-consuming garden maintenance duties is the watering of bushes, trees, flowerbeds, lawns, and other plants. Each plant has different watering needs, with some species requiring very frequent irrigation.

 If you truly want to simplify your Adelaide garden maintenance, we suggest automating and delegating as many duties as possible. Watering your garden can easily be automated with the installation of garden irrigation systems. While this can represent an initial investment, automated irrigation can save you valuable time for many years.

Hire a Professional Gardener or Lawn Mowing Service

The most efficient way to simplify your garden clean maintenance is by hiring a service to take care of it for you. Once you realize how much time and effort caring for your garden takes up, hiring a gardener becomes the obvious solution. 

Working with a professional gardener is a very small expense that results in a great number of benefits. Not only will you have more free time to enjoy your garden, but also, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of a professionally maintained space.

Garden landscaping makes your lawn look good. It is a way to keep your yard tidy at all times. Lawn mowing services make sure you get your grass cut neatly to give you a tidy space. 

In Conclusion

Is your Adelaide garden maintenance taking over your weekends? Get your free time back and let Guaranteed Garden Services take care of the hard work. 

Our team of gardening professionals can help you design a low maintenance garden, automate your irrigation, and handle weekly maintenance tasks. Fall back in love with your garden. Just call us at 0407 304 977 or fill out our contact form here for more information.

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