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Protect Your Lawn This Summer With Our Professional Lawn Maintenance Tips!

Summer in Adelaide means spending more time outdoors. But, to enjoy your outdoor space more, you need to keep your lawn lush and green. 

Lawn maintenance in the summer is all about helping your plants survive the hot temperatures and the drought.

Your Adelaide lawn does not just have to withstand the summer heat. All outdoor activities, such as barbecues or parties, bring more stress to your property. 

Here are some garden property maintenance tips to keep your lawn in top shape over those hot summer days:

Water Wisely

Keeping your Adelaide lawn hydrated does not mean watering it every day. Effective summer garden maintenance is not about the amount of water. 

property maintenance

It is more about the watering technique. To encourage your lawn to develop drought-tolerant roots, you need to water deeply and less frequently.

Make sure to water your Adelaide garden early in the day. It helps reduce evaporation and fungal growth. As a part of your summer garden maintenance routine, you need to check your irrigation system.

You have to ensure it is effectively working before it gets too hot. The watering pattern and schedule have also to be adjusted for the summer.

Mow High

In the summer, you should raise your mower blade higher. Keeping your Adelaide grass taller will make it more drought-tolerant. It also helps shade the soil and keep it cool.

Consequently, it will need less water to stay hydrated. After mowing, leave the grass clippings on the ground. As they break down, they will provide your lawn with beneficial nutrients.

Cutting more than one-third of the grass can destroy the lawn. Therefore, you need to mow regularly. It will keep your Adelaide grass healthier. 

Also, there will not be a large number of clippings that could smother the grass. Check your mower blades as a part of your summer garden maintenance activities.

A dull blade will tear the lawn and make it lose moisture faster than a clean-cut edge.

Avoid Over Fertilizing

During your summer maintenance checks, you could be tempted to fertilise. It would help if you fought that urge. Applying extra fertiliser in hot summer temperatures can burn your Adelaide lawn. 

Therefore, it is best to stop fertilising for about one month before it gets too hot.

Control Weeds

It is essential to remove any growing weeds during your summer garden maintenance routine. Otherwise, they will bloom and disperse seeds for next year. Mowing your Adelaide lawn allows you to catch any newly formed weeds. This way, you will be able to remove them before they grow roots.

Property maintenance is a must. Your lawn and garden need more care during the summer season. There are maintenance companies that you can hire to do garden care for you.

You need to understand the maintenance cost so you can hire the best property maintenance, team. Hiring the best maintenance team means value for your money.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we know that having a healthy lawn in the summer does not just happen by itself. It requires an effective garden maintenance plan. 

So whether you need a once-off lawn mowing or a customised garden maintenance program, we have got you covered.

Make your Adelaide summer outdoor activities extra special with a beautiful, lush lawn. Call us now!

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