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The Ultimate Winter Vegetables You Should Be Planting

Growing vegetables in the winter season will make it possible for one to grow crops that they will use in early spring. If you organise yourself well before winter, growing winter crops like kale, winter cabbage, and Brussel sprouts will allow you to harvest a good yield after winter. In case you missed planning early, do not worry, there is a wide selection of tasty winter vegetables you can grow in winter.

Vegetables You Can Grow Outdoors in Winter

Most of the winter vegetables we are going to look at can survive in the cold winter, but if hard frost forms, you can add some fleece to add a layer of protection on the crops. You can also plant most winter crops outdoors. Let’s now look at the options of winter crops you can grow in your garden in Adelaide.


Growing a wide variety of garlic planted during autumn is easy. Since garlic is like onion, it also takes a long growing season for harvesting to take place next summer. For instance, you can grow the Wight Cristo which a typical treat in culinary dishes. Alternatively, you can plant the Chesnok Red option that has a creamy texture.

Onions and Shallots

It is easy to grow onions planted in autumn because they can look after themselves during the winter season. As we mentioned earlier, once you grow onions in autumn, you will harvest them next summer. So, you have to plan because the onions will still be underground when you want to plant other types of crops in spring. Over the years, Shallots are a popular option while gardening in Adelaide. One of the preferred variety is the ‘Echalote Grise’ because of the concentrated flavour.

Perpetual Spinach

The perpetual spinach is a great crop that offers huge yields with delicious and tasty leaves. If you plant them in autumn, you will have tender young spinach leaves sprouting throughout the winter period. If you harvest them regularly, you will still harvest more into the summer season. Always ensure that you remove the flowers from the crop to prevent it from running to seed.

Spring Onions

Spring onions grown during the winter season creates a tasty salad accompaniment. Spring onions are easy to grow since they grow fast if planted in early autumn to harvest them in early spring. One of the popular varieties for gardening in Adelaide is the ‘White Lisbon’ variety.

Broad Beans

Sowing broad beans in autumn allows for harvesting to be done either in spring or a month earlier, compared to plants that you planted in spring. One of the best varieties is ‘Aquadulce Claudia.’ Once your broad beans are grown, the plant tips can also be used in a meal.


If your garden has lots of space, you can plant a permanent asparagus bed. You can select an autumn variety like the asparagus ‘Pacific Purple’ or the ‘Pacific 2000’. Although the asparagus bed can take years to formalise, you can harvest 25 spears per year on each crown, and this will go on for 25 years. Patience is needed when growing this crop because you will have to allow the plant to grow for two years before harvesting.

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