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Tips to Bring Your Garden Alive!

Plants are a lovely addition to your Adelaide house, whether indoors or outside. With the proper care and treatment, your plants will thrive, and your Adelaide garden will flourish and come to life. Understanding the needs of your plants will make your Adelaide garden maintenance less stressful and will save you a whole lot of time and effort.

Not everyone has a green thumb, especially new, inexperienced gardeners. These gardening tips, however, will help you keep your Adelaide garden alive and avoid making costly gardening mistakes.

Give Your Plants the Correct Amount of Water

Your plant maintenance and gardening tasks depend heavily on the natural elements and the environment that surround your Adelaide garden. Many factors, like the weather and the nature of the soil, affect the amount of water your plants need.

Each plant type requires a different amount of water. Yarrow, for example, is a drought-tolerant plant that requires small amounts of water. A good rule of thumb is to check the condition of the soil regularly. It should be damp, not soggy and also not dry and crumbly.

Always water the base of the plants, not the leaves, as the plants drink through their roots. You should also test the water temperature, before watering; cold water can damage the roots.

Cut the Dead or Diseased Ends of Your Plants

To keep your plants healthy and encourage their growth, trim any brown or spotted dead ends. Most plant diseases can spread quickly through your entire Adelaide garden, if not removed on time. By removing the dying part, you are saving the rest of the plant.

After you cut off the infected branches from the base, throw them away before they contaminate the nearby plants.

Do Not Plant the Roots Too Deep

Is your Adelaide garden dying slowly for no reason? Such be the case, then you might have buried the roots of your plants too deep in the soil. After a certain depth, the roots of your plant will not be able to extract the needed nutrients from the topsoil.

To save your Adelaide garden, you need to carefully dig up these plants and replant each root-ball just below the surface. Having the roots exposed above the surface of the soil will also harm your plants. To cover the roots, you can spread a thin layer of mulch above them.

Gardening can be hard work that requires knowledge, experience, patience and a lot of effort. We know that you might not have the time or the energy to keep your Adelaide garden flourishing and alive. That is why Guaranteed Garden Services offers a variety of gardening services that covers everything from lawn mowing and edging to new landscaping.

Whether it is a once off visit you need or an ongoing tailor-made gardening program that will make you enjoy your Adelaide garden again, the choice is up to you. Call us today and let our experienced gardening team bring your garden alive!