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You Should Be Doing This To Your Garden To Maximise Small Spaces Before Winter Hits!

More extensive gardens are not always better. However, small outdoor spaces allow Adelaide homeowners to create beautiful green landscaping designs that involve less maintenance effort and costs when compared to larger areas. 

Do you spend daydreaming about having a beautifully landscaped garden in your Adelaide home but feel limited by your small garden? Restricted yard spaces are no reason to give up on your landscaping project. 

This post will give you some landscaping inspiration to help you transform your small courtyard into a landscaping masterpiece.

Top Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

Vertical Gardening 

Even small exteriors can enhance even the smallest of spaces by taking advantage of vertical space. For example, any bare wall surrounding your courtyard or garden provides a perfect canvas to build vertical gardening. 

Not only are vertical gardens small-space-friendly, but they are also very much in vogue. The correct elements to include in your vertical garden are climbing plants to cover your walls and stylish wooden planters.

Before winter comes, you need to do these landscaping and gardening ideas to make your garden look fabulous. Make the most out of the sunlight when you plant in your front yard.

Use Tiered or Layered Planters

professional gardeners in Adelaide

By setting up planters at different heights, you can create a multi-level garden and make the most of your small space. 

Add even more dimension to your planter designs by using plants of different heights and colours on each level. 

Multi-level planters can easily be placed along walls or occupy empty corners, making them ideal for smaller nooks, courtyards and terraces.

Avoid Overdoing It

When dealing with a smaller outdoor space, many Adelaide homeowners struggle to  

understand that less is sometimes more.

 Rather than overcompensating for lack of space by filling your yard with greens and flowers, give your landscape design enough room to breathe.

 Having some space creates the perfect amount of contrast to highlight the beauty of your home exteriors. Expert gardeners in Adelaide will know what to make of your garden.

Use Dwarf Plants

An excellent way to save space in a more miniature garden is by choosing plants that take up less space. Saving space before winter comes is also a technique for garden maintenance.

Dwarf plants grow to smaller sizes, allowing you to add green elements to your yard without crowding up your space. These type of plants are enough to make a beautiful garden.

Any dwarf shrub is an excellent choice for a small garden since they can add plenty of green to your space without raising maintenance needs.

Are you looking for the perfect landscaping design for your small Adelaide courtyard? At Guaranteed Garden Services, our landscaping experts can help you come up with the best strategy.

 Whether you need a small garden spruce up or a significant landscaping makeover, we can help you with projects of all sizes. Once we’ve set up your dream garden, our team of professional gardeners can also take care of keeping it up. 

They will guarantee the look of your garden will remain untouched.

You can find out more about our landscaping and gardening services by calling 0407 304 977 or contact us by filling out our contact form here.

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