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Why Irrigation is Important For Any Adelaide Garden For Low-Maintenance Plants

Adding a garden to your home is one of the best ways to add colour and liveliness to your outdoor spaces. Yet, many hold off on starting an Adelaide gardening project to avoid dealing with hours of garden maintenance. 

It is essential to consider, though, that while some gardens can be extremely time-consuming, you can also tailor your garden design to your needs. 

Filling up your yard with low-maintenance plants is one of the best ways to keep your work-time to a minimum. We’ll share some of the best low maintenance plants to include in your Adelaide garden in this post.

Why Is Irrigation Important? 

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Local gardeners sometimes use irrigation to care for garden plants. Irrigation is a process that applies enough water to your garden. It is a system that is useful for lawns and gardens. 

If you have a vegetable garden, the irrigation process can help grow those veggies. But, aside from irrigation, lawn mowing is something that you need for your outdoor space. 

It keeps your garden in shape. In addition, the gardening designs make your home a better place to stay. 

Low Maintenance Plants for Your Adelaide Garden


Succulents are beautiful to the eye and perfectly built to resist Adelaide’s warm weather. In addition, since succulents have lower water requirements, you won’t have to stress about completing watering schedules.

Overall, these plants are incredibly resilient and can thrive even in trying conditions.


Rosemary, a perennial, once planted, can thrive without much attention. What’s best about this plant is that it can quickly fill up green spaces with its needle live leaves. When flowering, rosemary is filled with white, pink, and purple flowers. 

It also releases a pleasing scent in the area surrounding it. As an additional bonus, planting rosemary gives you access to a plentiful supply of the herb to use in the kitchen.

Lomandra Longifolia

Lomandra Longifolia or the spiky-headed mat-rush is a native plant to Australia and an excellent option for a low maintenance garden. Since Adelaide’s location and climate perfectly suit this type of plant, it will thrive without much input from your part. In addition, this plant is so resistant that it can withstand freezing, heat, and drought.

Hosta Plants

Green, complete and resistant, the family of hosta plants are an excellent addition to any Adelaide garden. What makes these plants stand out are their shade tolerance and their adaptability to different temperatures. 

Additionally, their watering requirements are low. Finally, since this type of plants has big leaves, it can shade out weeds and help you keep your garden looking tidy.

Are you looking for a gardening solution that adapts to your needs and garden maintenance expectations? At Guaranteed Garden Solutions, we can help you design a beautiful low maintenance garden for your Adelaide home. Using native Adelaide plants and rough-condition resistant plants, your odds at keeping a beautiful garden are increased.

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