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3 Ways To Transform Your Home`s Garden In 2019!

How To Easily Transform Your Garden! 

When it comes to our home’s gardens, it can be easy for us to let things go. We get it, life gets busy and before you know it your beloved garden is nothing like it used to be. The weeds get out of control, the garden beds are overgrown, and the tree that was once the pride and joy of your property is looking limp and lacklustre. However, there are a few quick and easy ways that you can give your Adelaide property a quick makeover that will take no more than a sunny weekend.

Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we have been helping the residents of Adelaide achieve the gardens of their dreams with our professional gardening services for over ten years. We understand that gardening can be a chore or complicated activity for some, which is why we have listed a few of our quick tips that will see your garden looking better in next to no time.

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Clean Up!

Sometimes all your garden may need is a cleanup. But, if you want to create a space that looks better than ever, you need to create a fresh and clean canvas for your creativity. If you find that your garden gets filled with rubbish or is overcome with dead plants, hire a mini skip to make the entire clean up process easy and stress-free!

Mow the lawn, weed the garden beds and clean out underneath your pergola to get yourself on the way to achieving the landscape you’ve always wanted.

Go Low Maintenance

If you’re finding your existing garden is a little overwhelming, or you have no idea what you want to do with it, keep it simple.

Investing in native plants or succulents for your garden beds is an excellent way to make an aesthetically pleasing impression with minimal maintenance requirements. If you’re wanting to create an open and inviting garden space having fresh turf as your main centrepiece and a few surrounding garden beds is an excellent way to create a bright new space with minimal complications!

Hire a Professional Gardener

Investing in a professional gardener will see the potential of your garden space soar. Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we have years of professional gardening experience planning and developing residential landscaping. Whether you want to make a small or significant change to your home’s garden, we know how to help it become a reality.

Our team will work with you to discuss your wants and lifestyle needs from a garden and develop a sustainable solution. For more information be sure to contact the Guaranteed Garden Services team today!