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    Creating and Maintaining Topiary

    Topiary is the art of training plants, typically evergreen shrubs and trees, into a living garden sculpture. This term may be used more loosely to describe a number of garden features that can rely on the close clipping and shaping of plants.

    Used throughout history in many different European gardening styles, we have seen topiary make a comeback in Adelaide in recent years. The designs themselves can range from box balls to swans, being so versatile and striking it can completely transform a gardens atheistic.

    Here at Guaranteed Garden Services we specialise in creating and maintaining your living architecture. Topiaries require regular maintenance in order to stay an art form. We can work with you to come up with a regular pruning, watering and nutrition maintenance plan in order to ensure that your topiary sculptures stay pristine all year round.

    Topiaries need plenty of light, whether it`s direct sunlight or good, strong indirect light. However, they need to be sheltered from any serious winds to avoid their branches blowing out of shape. We will work with you to develop a topiary landscape design to ensure they are placed in a place they will thrive in.

    In order to maintain existing topiaries, we recommend getting them trimmed back once or twice a year in order to maintain their shape, however if you have a more vigorous species trims may be required more regularly.

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    Topiary Care

    If you have a topiary plant that is looking a little worse for wear not all hope is lost. We have extensive knowledge in working with topiaries and know just how to get them back to their crowning glory. Majority of evergreen plants respond well to hard pruning in early to mid-spring. Once this has been done we work to promote new growth by feeding mulching and avoiding drought stress in following seasons.

    If you would prefer you topiary to grow inside a pot or container we can make that happen. We work with you to ensure that your plant is centred in the pot and the topiary sculpture itself is shaped directly over the trunk, so that the end result doesn’t look lopsided.

    Simple shapes such as balls can often be trained by eye. However, for more intricate shapes, frames are available.

    Frames are usually placed over the plant in the early stages of growth allowing the plant to fill the frame to create the desired shape, acting as a former. Once the plant starts to protrude through the frame, prune once or twice a year through spring and summer to maintain the shape.

    The frames can either be made out of galvanised wire or plastic-coated wire which is usually green or grey. Some can be removed and reused though most are just meant for one use and remain part of the structure of the plant, ultimately hidden from view by the foliage.

    The frames are often sold with a box plant ready to start.There’s always room for some living architecture in your garden.

    Give the team at Guaranteed Garden Services a call today and let’s get your clipped masterpiece underway!

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