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    Lawn Installation Adelaide

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    When you’re picturing the great Australian home, it isn’t complete without a luxurious patch of green grass alongside it.

    Anyone will agree that a home with lush green lawn is a major drawcard when it comes to buying a new home. Statistics show that a home buyer will pay 19% more for a property if there is a desirable patch of grass. Now that’s a significant benefit!

    Turf can also do wonders for your lifestyle. Imagine have a beautiful green patch of paradise to relax on during the hot Adelaide summer or a place to play backyard cricket at your next BBQ.

    Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we are experts in getting your home’s lawn in tip-top shape. Our experienced gardening team will work alongside you to determine the best turf type to best suit you and your family’s lifestyle needs. Whether you want something more hard wearing or more of an ornamental looking lawn, we’ve got you covered!



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    New Lawn Planting Advice

    As you can see the secret to a great new lawn comes down to the preparation. Anybody can roll out some turf over soil and add some water.

    Your lawn may look good for about 6 months, but when the extreme Australian weather conditions hit, it will soon be looking incredibly average.

    Below is a guide to the steps we follow to provide you with the most spectacular turf of the highest standard:

    1. Preparation and positioning of the site. We make sure to remove any debris and prevent old weeds and grass coming up.

    2. Slash and clear any existing weeds and grass. We then leave it a day or two to work its way into the remaining root systems.

    3. Then we bring in a hydraulic rotary hoe and give the existing soil a good mix and loosen up. This process is done a few times all while taking caution to remove any roots that we find in the soil.

    4. Next, we rake the soil and bring in what we call 60/40 soil (60 percent is a mix of soil, and 40 percent is made up of blood and bone, and organic compounds…This is what keeps your lawn looking fantastic for years to come).

    5. Next, we work on getting the levels correct. We do this by raking until the level is near perfect.

    6. We then roll the soil with a roller full of water. Taking care to rake out any furrows or mounds that are now visible.

    7. When the levels are close to perfect, we dust up the top a little bit and add some lawn builder that will help the roots of your grass or turf to start making their way to the subsoil.

    8. The hard part is done! Next, we lightly spray the soil as we are laying the turf to ensure that the area stays moist.

    9. When the turf has all been laid we bring out the roller and roll like crazy to ensure the perfect surface.

    10. Lastly, we cut away any excess turf making it look neat, fertilise and make sure we give the new lawn a thorough watering.

    Why not do yourself a favour and give the professionals a call? Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we take pride in making sure you’ll have great looking turf for years to come!

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