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    Hedge Trimming Adelaide

    Hedging Trimming Adelaide

    Expert Hedge Care

    Hedges provide your home with something entirely beautiful. These living walls can reinforce your home’s architecture, disguise ugly walls and provide your landscaping with colour and interest. Not to mention being one of the most versatile garden features a home can have.

    Hedges may take more time and maintenance compared to that of a built fences and walls, but the soft, tranquil atmosphere that only a living green wall can provide is second to none.

    Like all shrubs, hedges need regular feeding, watering and pruning to look their best. At Guaranteed Garden Services we are experts in hedging maintenance and can work with you to create a hedging maintenance plan to keep your hedges in the best shape possible.

    Throughout winter, when the majority of gardens look bare, an evergreen hedge creates a year-round structured look. Hedges used in contemporary gardens can be used to reinforce a home’s architectural lines, providing a crisp defined look. While also complementing a heritage home’s aesthetic. We can work with you to develop a landscaping design to find the perfect hedging solution to enhance your home further.

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    Best Time to Plant Hedges

    The best time to plant your hedges depends on the type of hedge you have; Evergreen and semi-evergreen or deciduous.

    • Evergreen and semi-evergreen hedges: While the best time to plant box, privet and yew hedges are early Autumn, they can be planted at any time between late autumn to early winter.
    • Deciduous Hedges: Plant beech, Hornbeam and Hawthorn can be planted anytime from mid-autumn to late winter.
    Our experienced gardeners will look at the condition of your soil and determine if it can be worked easily or not. From here we sufficiently prep your soil. It is important that your soil is in prime condition to ensure your hedges are given the best possible chance to thrive.

    Hedging Plants Adelaide

    The majority of trees and shrubs have the potential to make hedges. Hedging plants are often supplied as bare-root specimens, which are usually inexpensive. Pot-grown plants are equally suitable but usually cost a little more.

    Evergreens, are a fantastic choice if you are looking at having a green garden colour scheme all year round. Smaller hedge plants are suitable for garden edging as they usually reach about 60m high and are cheap and easy to establish. Larger plants need more maintenance and tend to be in a higher price bracket.

    We promise to work with you to create a hedge garden design that will best suit your home as well as recommend a wide variety of plants that will best compliment your landscaping.

    Our experienced gardeners are specialists in hedging. Let us take the hard work out of maintaining your hedges and give us a call today on 0407 304 977 to organise your free quote!

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