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5 Expert Gardening Tips for Summer in Adelaide

When summer in Adelaide comes, you'll have to change or modify some of your gardening practices. Your plants are still enjoying their spring growth, and summer is your chance to maintain the growth of your plants. The first thing you should do is open your mind to new expert gardening tips; you can't properly take care of your flowers if you're rigid.

We've been taking care of gardens for decades; We know many things and have a lot of expert tips that would help you this summer. Here are five expert gardening tips you need to get through this summer in Adelaide:

Cool your potted plants

One of the things you'll want to prioritise during the summer is keeping your plants as cool as possible. If you have potted plants around your Adelaide home, you should keep a serious eye on them. Nothing is safe from the scorching sun, especially your potted plants. The pots are conductors of heat, and if they're left in hot areas, they also become heat. From this, your plants lose all their water and dry up.

You'll want to move your potted plants to shaded areas and water them frequently to make up for all the water they're losing.

Tweak your irrigation system

Irrigation systems help a lot with gardening, but that's if they're in the right setting. You'll need to adjust the settings of your irrigator to keep up with your garden's summer needs. Set your irrigator to water your plants as frequently as possible, preferably in the mornings and evenings. Ensure you don't overdo it; only water your garden when it's dry.


Mulching your plants is never a bad idea; in fact, it's something that you should do every season. The nutrients mulch gives are always needed in the garden, whether in summer, winter or spring. Apart from providing much-needed nutrients, mulch also prevents the growth of weeds and helps your plants retain moisture. 

You need your plants to retain moisture, so you don't have to water about underwatering your plants. Place enough mulch around your plants; not too much or too small; moderation is key. Mulching is very tricky and is better handled by professionals. Guaranteed garden services can provide just the right amount of mulch your garden needs.

Pest control

Bugs thrive during the summer so much that they can overwhelm you. While you're trying to maintain the growth you got during the spring, you'll be faced with the issue of managing pests. Set traps in your garden to catch and ward off pesky pests. Pesticides are also good for pest control, but you'll want to be careful not to use too much.

Shade your plants

Shading is very important in gardening; you want to shield your plants from the sun as much as you can. If your garden is too exposed to the sun, find a way to erect a shade over it. Consider using shade cloth.

Try out these five gardening tips on your garden, and you're going to see results. If you need help with your garden and prepping it for the summer, guaranteed garden services are for you. We have a wide range of gardening services you'll need to get through this Adelaide summer.