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5 Ways To Get Your Garden Summer Ready!

Did the winter leave your Adelaide garden in deep need of some care and maintenance? With the summer just around the corner, it is time to get your garden ready to face the heat. These gardening tips will help your Adelaide garden recover from all the rain and cold temperatures. It will also get your garden in shape and ready for summer.

Get Your Garden Back in Shape

Over the winter months, your Adelaide garden has been through a lot. Therefore, your gardening should focus on getting your plants back in shape. First of all, you need to clear all the leaves and debris that have fallen throughout the winter and spring.

Make sure also to freshen the soil. The rain must have compacted the ground and washed away its valuable nutrients. Therefore, you need to apply a proper fertiliser to feed the plants, before the heat sets in.

Give Your Lawn a Healthy Start

If the winter left your lawn looking less than lush, you need to fertilise and water it regularly. Cutting the lawn gives your Adelaide grass a healthy start. Make sure not to cut it too short, though. On your summer gardening routine try to leave the yard long enough to shade the roots.

Prune Old Plants

To help your plants endure the summer heat, you need to prune them. Pruning helps reduce the amount of stress on your plants. By trimming old plants that have survived the winter, they will have a better chance of blooming again in the summer. To make sure you will not cut off any future flowers, it is advisable to prune the plant, after it has bloomed.

Make New Additions to Your Garden

Summer gardening is not just about recovering your old plants from winter damage. It is also a perfect time to bring in some new additions to your Adelaide garden. Vegetables, such as lettuce or peas, can be an excellent summer gardening addition. If you are looking to add some colours to your Adelaide garden, you can invest in some summer-flowers, such as lilies.

Prepare to Fight Weeds

As the weather gets warmer, weeds tend to grow like wildfire. To keep this problem under control, you need to focus your summer gardening efforts on fighting the weeds. You can apply mulch, use weed mats or try cultivating. These gardening routines will prevent the plants from growing again in your Adelaide garden.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we know that a well-maintained garden will enhance your overall property appeal. We also understand how gardening can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why we offer to take care of all the hard work for you.

Our gardening options range from a once-off visit to creating a customised gardening program for you. Our experienced gardeners will help you enjoy your Adelaide garden all year long.

Get your Adelaide garden ready for summer now. Call today, to discuss your gardening needs!