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A Spring Guide to Landscaping: Everything You Need to Know

Spring is quickly approaching, and you’ll need to modify the way you tend to your landscaping in your Adelaide home. Your landscape is just recovering from the severe effects of winter, and this is your chance to restore your prized flowers and make sure they come back stronger.

You don’t want to make any mistakes in this crucial stage because it could permanently damage your landscape. So in this spring guide, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know to give your landscaping the best treatment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Inspections Before You Start

Numerous things would have gotten damaged on your landscape during winter, and you must assess the damage. You can’t begin the new growth of plants and flowers if your soil hasn’t properly recovered. 

Take a walk around your garden and look out for all broken branches, damaged flowers etc. Clear your garden as much as you can and call in a professional for the parts you can’t handle.

Your home's hardscape also has to be checked; these are your fence, furniture, etc. You need to make sure everywhere is free of potentially harmful objects. Once you’ve cleared your landscape, you can then begin spring landscaping properly.

Select Proper Plants

Spring is the season where most garden enthusiasts can’t wait to cultivate the flowers and plants they’ve been eyeing. However, it doesn’t always go as planned. There’s a high probability that the climate of Adelaide isn’t conducive for the plants. Another factor to consider is your soil; is your soil fertile enough to grow the plant?

If you don’t mind all these factors, research things you can do to make your home’s landscape appropriate. Visiting your local nursery for native plants is something we recommend; they don’t require high maintenance and thrive in the environment.

Fertilise Your Soil in Your Adelaide Garden Before Landscaping

Another thing you need to do is fertilise your lawn and garden to boost their nutrients. You’ll be fertilising your soil according to their needs; what nutrients are your soil lacking? There are various tests you can do to test the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. If you’d like professional input, call a professional landscaping company in Adelaide for accurate information.

Ensure you don’t go overboard with the fertilising – moderation is essential, and going overboard could damage your plants and soil.

Assign Your Space Properly

When you’re planting your fruits, flowers and shrubs, put the space you have available into consideration. For example, how tall or big will your plants grow to be in the following months? Do you have enough space to accommodate all of them?

Ensure you put your plants in places where they can have enough space to breathe and grow under the proper conditions.

Prepare Your Irrigation System

You can’t get your landscaping ready for spring without your irrigation system. Inspect it and ensure it’s in proper condition to water your garden and landscape. If your irrigator is faulty, have repairs done, and if you don’t have an irrigation system, what are you waiting for? 

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