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DIY Landscaping? Here are Our Top Tips!

DIYs are amazing. They’re perfect for letting your creativity shine through when you don’t want to call a professional. A bonus is that they help you save money since they don’t cost a lot. There’s no limit to DIY- carpentry, clothing, Adelaide home design and even landscaping. You can make significant changes to your landscape without calling a professional. However, you can’t just get started.

If you make a mistake, you could risk puncturing the plumbing or gas pipes of your Adelaide home. Before you get started on DIY landscaping or while you’re planning it, consider these tips:

Have a plan

It’s easy to get sucked into the world of DIY. The array of landscaping ideas can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. Before you start making any changes to your landscape, you should have a goal. 

What do you want to achieve? What design are you going for?

If you can’t answer any of these questions, don’t do anything yet. Draw up a list of things you want to change in your Adelaide landscape.

Preferred design

 What type of landscape design do you want? Is it organic, English or butterfly style? There are so many designs to choose from, and you need to know before buying anything. Some shrubs, walkways or flowers may not fit in with your dream design.

Here are some landscape designs and things that can help you achieve their look:

  • English-style: English landscapes are known for their elegance and otherworldly look. Add a variety of plants and colourful flowers- short and tall- to your garden.
  • Add a path: There’s nothing more English than taking long walks in the garden. Make a path in your garden, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. 
  • Oriental landscape: Asian landscapes speak for themselves. They achieve their exotic and minimalistic look by keeping it simple and utilising focal points. A popular focal point in Asian landscapes is water features. Install a pond, place some rocks around it, and get ready to impress visitors.

Every landscape design has features that make them unique. Look out for those and utilise them.


Maintenance is a big deal in landscaping in Adelaide. Without it, your landscape loses its beauty. It’s like having a beautiful cloth or shoe and not cleaning it. You’ll have no choice but to throw it away.

However, in this case, you can’t throw your Adelaide landscape away. Unless you want to renovate it, and that would cost you a lot of money. Prevent this by only installing features you can maintain. 

Garden maintenance could be quite stressful, especially if you’re not an expert. But you don’t need to know a lot, just call us. We’re professionals that’ll keep your home’s landscape beautiful for years.


Nobody likes a crowded landscape. They always look cluttered, disorganised and unappealing. While adding things to your garden, utilise the space you have. Ensure your plants and flowers are spaced out and there’s walking room.

Try out these tips, and you’ll enjoy the results. If you need professional advice or intervention, contact us.