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Do The Seasons Affect Your Lawn Mowing Frequency?

Lawn Mowing Frequency

Keeping your lawn looking pristine can be a hard task to master, even for those of us who are gifted with a green thumb. Many home and business owners often overlook the skill and vigilance that is required to maintain a prized lawn. What a lot of people don’t factor in is how mowing and maintenance regulatory changes from seasons to season.

In order to give you a better understanding of what may be needed to keep your lawn looking lush all year round, we’ve listed some of the seasonal aspects that will influence mowing frequency:

Regularity of Lawn Mowing

During the warmer months mowing may be required anywhere between once or twice a week depending on your lawn type. However, leaving your lawn too long between mowing will increase cutting difficulty. The grass’ thatch layer can also become more prominent, which can result in your lawn looking dull and dead.

While Summer months see your lawn grow at a faster rate, during Winter your growth rate tends to slow down. As a result, you should adjust your mowing frequency in accordance with your grass’ growth pattern. You can expect to mow your lawn once every 3-4 weeks during the cooler months, however, this is dependant on your lawn variety.

Some types of grass, such as Buffalo, can be deceiving and may not look like it’s growing much throughout Winter. Although, this is often because the lawns thatch layer is becoming deeper and stronger.

If you dont keep on top of your lawn mowing, you run the risk of your lawn thatch layer getting out of hand. Regular mowing will aid in keeping the leaf green throughout Winter.

Mowing Heights

A common mistake often made by not only homeowners make is cutting your lawn too short. If grass is cut too short, it reduces the plant’s ability to produce energy and grow nicely.

Mowing your lawn at the correct height allows grass to develop a stronger root system increasing the plant’s stress tolerance. It is also important to keep in mind that different grass varieties have varying growth habits that will relate to the mowing heights. As an example, cool season and warm season grass types require different maintenance techniques.

When determining the correct cutting height, it is important to remember the ‘One-Third’ rule: never remove more than one-third of the grass height at a time. This ensures that less plant tissue is removed, therefore keeping your grass cooler during Summer.


A common misconception about caring for lawn during extreme heat is to over water. It is important to keep in mind that grass often does better on the dryer side of things rather than wet. When the soil is constantly wet, it creates too many problems for soil and organisms alike. Your lawn’s roots will be deprived of oxygen and may become susceptible to diseases as they tend to thrive in moist conditions. In short, the drier the grass and soil are, the less disease will be.

Call a Professional Gardener For All Your Seasonal Lawn Mowing and Maintenance!

If your still unsure, you can’t beat hiring a professional mowing service. Give the Guaranteed Garden Services team a call today, and our expert team will be able to create a mowing and maintenance schedule based on your grass type and the time of year, ensuring your lawn is looking the way it should be all year round!