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Do you make these irrigation mistakes in your Adelaide garden?

Irrigating your Adelaide garden is the perfect means of enhancing water efficiency, reducing your water expenses and enhancing the lush greenery and florals surrounding your home. An irrigation system is the hassle-free answer to your gardening needs. Why spend your weekends fiddling with a tangled hosing system, or manually placing the sprinkler in different corners of the yard, when you can have an automatic irrigation system tailored specifically to your garden’s needs.

The team at Guaranteed Garden Services are Adelaide’s irrigation specialists, and we can install a customised irrigation system, or check that your existing system is functioning optimally, to promote your garden’s wellbeing. Keen gardeners may be tempted to set up their own irrigation, and while that can be time-saving and cost-effective, there are pitfalls to an improperly managed system. We have discovered the following issues, which often arise with DIY irrigation in Adelaide yards.

1. The temptation to overwater your garden

When transitioning to a drip irrigation system, from traditional watering methods, it is easy to assume that your garden is not getting enough water, as the garden beds do not appear drenched. Drip irrigation is a very efficient watering method, dispersing water throughout the soil’s ‘capillaries’, down to the roots, without saturating the plant. Drip systems do their best work below the surface, but gardeners may be tempted to break out the hose, if they can’t see a puddle of water around their plants. Overwatering allows fungi to thrive, and can be the beginning of a garden’s demise.

2. Choosing the wrong irrigation system for your plants

Different plants have differing water requirements. Ideally, plants with similar water needs will be positioned in the same area, but if they are not, the irrigation system should be customised to allow adequate water flow to each plant. Many DIY installations we see, are one-size-fits-all and, as a result, some plants are receiving too much water, and others, too little.

3. Choosing the wrong irrigation system for your water supply

Irrigation systems specify a water flow rate, and it is essential that your water supply is equal to, or exceeds, this rate, otherwise the system will not do its job. Guaranteed Garden Services is Adelaide’s trusted name in irrigation, and we will ensure that your current system marries perfectly with your supply.

4. Failing to consider weather conditions, and time of day

Your garden will likely need additional water, if you are irrigating throughout Adelaide’s harsh summers. Conversely, when Adelaide is enjoying generous rainfall, further irrigation is superfluous. Automatic systems prompt a ‘set and forget’ approach to irrigation, but some ongoing attention is warranted. Irrigating first thing in the morning is ideal, limiting water evaporation in summer, and over-drenching in winter. Installing a rain shut-off feature will prevent water wastage and overwatering. The Adelaide irrigation professionals at Guaranteed Garden Services are the best people to entrust with monitoring your system’s performance.

If your irrigation system isn’t achieving optimum results for your garden, and you’d rather spend weekends enjoying your garden, instead of watering it, call Adelaide’s irrigation specialists - Guaranteed Garden Services. We will have your garden lush, green and brimming with life in no time.