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Five Landscaping Ideas To Inspire You

Does your landscape bore you? Does it resemble the landscape of your neighbours? Don’t fret! The best thing about Adelaide landscaping is that you can customise it till it fits your taste. It’s never too late to make changes to your Adelaide garden.

If you’ve been feeling uninspired and can’t find any landscaping idea that seems to work for your Adelaide garden, you’re at the right place. 

We’ll be giving five landscaping ideas that’ll inspire you and get your juices flowing.

The best part is that you can effect most of the changes yourself and get professional help for the more technical ones.

Let’s dive into the landscaping ideas for your Adelaide garden here:

Arabian Style Landscaping

The Arabs are known for a lot of things- one of which is their landscaping style. Their landscaping utilises colours, patterns, and tiling, not just any type of tiling, mosaic tiles. 

However, since you’re only looking for inspiration, you can choose any type of tiles you want in your landscaping, whether it’s ceramic, stones, etc. 

Another things Arabian style of landscaping use are plants that infuse a dash of colour. Get a fruit tree in your garden, could be lemon or any fruit whose colour you’d like to have in your garden. 

Add beautiful colourful flowers you’d like to see all day in your Adelaide home.

Beachside Landscaping

Have you seen Adelaide landscapes that look like they’re on the beach? In this landscaping inspiration, you’ll be outlining the path of your Adelaide home with stones of your choice. 

You can make it the first thing people who enter your home see.

Line the path of your home with stones all the way to your home entrance or garden. You can outline the path of your landscaping with rocks. But you’re not going to leave the stones bare as this is when the real magic happens.

Adorn the stones with grass, shrubs, and your favourite plants. However, be neat with it, so it doesn’t look unkempt. You can also add shells to the stones. 

Are you feeling inspired already? Remember, you can mix up more than one style!

Relaxation Spot

If you don’t have that much space in your garden, you’re not left out. You don’t need to do much; a little that packs a powerful punch will go a long way. 

Add some comfortable sofas to your garden to avoid making it look crowded.

Also, try not to go for too many coloured plants; you can stick to a colour scheme such as green, orange, and red to make it rhyme. Finally, add lighting to make it a good spot for reading or listening to music, whichever you prefer.

Inspiration for Water Lovers

If you love having water around you and the peaceful sounds they make, you’ll love this. Add streams and little waterfalls to your garden. 

The streams should be lined with stones and shrubs to make them stand out. The peaceful music of water will make sure you’re always relaxed.

Hanging Garden

Deviate from the norm to make your Adelaide landscape stand out. For example, you could choose to hang your garden instead of letting them remain on the floor! Use colourful plant bots or baskets to hang them so they can fit the design of your home or your preference.

You could hang them in your backyard or around your home.

If you’re feeling inspired already, contact guaranteed garden services so we can bring your inspiration to life!