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Five tips for Lawn Care throughout the Adelaide Summer

During the hot Adelaide Summer your lawn is the best place to enjoy the heat. It is probably the most challenging season for your lawn, with Adelaide’s infamous heatwaves, wind and dryness it’s no wonder your lawn can look a little worse for wear.

While you can’t do much about the weather, you can ensure that your lawn is well set up to survive these trying conditions. It doesn’t take much effort to keep your lawn looking good, but here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we understand that caring for your lawn can be time-consuming and that’s why we’ve listed five tips for lawn care during the hot weather.

Mow Regularly

Throughout the summer time, you will need to increase the regularity of your mowing. If the lawns condition is ideal for growth, in Adelaide, mowing once a fortnight is optimal for keeping it looking its best. However, don’t cut the lawn too short when it is hot as this can cause more harm than good. Also, using an edging iron is a great way to keep the edges of your grass neat and tidy.

Feed and Condition

It’s important to fertilize your lawn to keep it looking healthy green and healthy. Majority of lawn fertilizers recommend applying directly after mowing and can be used once a month up until October.

These fertilizers contain a blend of nutrients to support and sustain your lawn during the season, resulting in greener grass. It also protects your lawn against hot, dry weather as a lawn that is well-prepared in aspects surrounding adequate feeding and better maintenance all round is better able to withstand and recover from any drought.

Get Water Wise

Your lawn can dry out quickly with the hot weather. By watering or turning on your irrigation early in the morning while it is still relatively cool and gives your garden a chance to fully absorb the maximum amount of water. Late watering may stimulate overnight humidity which can result in undesirable fungal problems.

Keep On Top of Weeds and Moss

Small patches of weeds can be treated efficiently using a weed killer. Be sure to keep your eyes out for patchy lawns or chewed lawn roots as this may indicate a problem with black beetles or chafer grubs. These are underground larvae and bugs that feed on grassroots and be controlled using naturally occurring nematodes.

Take Special Care with New Lawns

If your lawn is newly sown or freshly turfed, it is essential to keep them well-watered in dry spells. It is critical to ensure that you are watering thoroughly as a light watering can cause damage by increasing the chances of roots to come to the surface.

We understand that caring for your lawn can be a time-consuming task. Why not take advantage of our garden maintenance options? Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we are 100 percent committed to caring for your garden in the best way we possibly can. Give us a call today!