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Garden maintenance to snake-proof your Adelaide home

It’s shaping up to be an eventful snake season in Adelaide, but keeping your garden neat and tidy can prevent this slithery scourge from descending upon your home.

We’ve already seen the bouts of sweltering heat, notorious of Adelaide summers, and our fork-tongued population are seeking respite in a garden near you.

A bumper harvest season, coupled with last year’s drizzly summer, has brought about a mice plague, driving the influx of serpents into the suburbs, as they chase their meal of choice.

In October, a video posted on the Snake Catchers Adelaide Facebook page, captured the removal of an enormous Eastern Brown from the letterbox of a Seaford Rise home.

Twenty-three snakes were discovered in the one Clarendon property, while November saw Greenfield Wetlands, near Mawson Lakes, closed to the public, following a concerning number of dangerous snake sightings.

Snakes are well suited to suburban living, enjoying many of the creature comforts that humans provide—water, food and shelter. They like to make use of covered areas close to the ground, which are commonly found near Adelaide homes.

If your garden is looking a little unloved, and you are looking for the perfect excuse to bring in a professional garden maintenance and lawn-mowing service—avoiding a chance encounter with some of Australia’s deadliest snakes, is your best one yet!

Tall grass provides the perfect invitation for snakes to linger on your lawn. Regular mowing reduces the prospect of a scaly new pal or, at the very least, you won’t tread on one who has cozied up in unkempt foliage.

If your garden is cluttered with piles of leaves, mulch and debris, this is a veritable plea for reptiles to move in on your turf. A first-class garden maintenance professional will clear away your unwanted refuse, eliminating serpent hidey-holes and leaving you with more space to enjoy your outdoor haven.

Hedge-trimming is another important snake-avoidance measure. Mice and frogs like to take up residence in dense shrub, and snakes are biologically hardwired to track down their dinner. Keeping your hedges and bushes trimmed and tidy, will deter snake fodder from your yard.

Consider the type of greenery you have in your garden. Low-hanging trees and plants make it a cinch for snakes to slither up and get comfy in the backyard. Prune low-lying branches, so that snakes won’t have a leg-up to a shady abode, or better yet, let our garden maintenance professionals handle that tricky undergrowth instead.

Snakes are not aggressive creatures, and only lash out when they perceive danger. Keeping your lawn mowed, and your garden tidy and well-maintained, will allow you to spot one easily, rather than happening upon one’s hiding place.

Whether your snake fear borders on ophidiophobia, or you’re mildly miffed by the thought of a wriggly visitor, no one wants their summer barbie ruined by an unwelcome guest, or the kids spooked out of playing outdoors. You want your garden to be a place of enjoyment and relaxation.

Guaranteed Garden Services in Adelaide, will take care of the areas of your yard where snakes thrive, so that you can enjoy a fright-free summer in your freshly groomed garden. Give us a call today to take the hassle out of maintaining your outdoor spaces.