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Gardening Tips for the Beginner!

Gardening is an activity with so many benefits that, surprisingly, more people aren’t into it. And if you’re on this page reading this, there’s a high possibility that you’re into gardening or know somebody in Adelaide who is. For anyone who’s just planning to start gardening, you’ve come to the right place. 

And if you’ve tried gardening, but it didn’t seem like you have a “green thumb “, we’re here to help.  All you need are helpful tips that will clear up any misconception. We have beginner-friendly tips that will make gardening a breeze for you. 

Site Your Adelaide Garden in the Right Place

If you’re new to gardening, there’s a high chance you haven’t sited it on your property yet. This is good because where your garden is situated can determine how well it turns out. Your garden should be somewhere in your yard where you’ll always see it, and the ground is fertile. If your garden is far from your reach, you won’t be eager to tend to your plants.

So before you start gardening, site your Adelaide garden in the most convenient place in your yard.

Where Does the Sun Shine?

Most crop plants like vegetables, fruits etc., need long hours of sun to survive and thrive. Check where the sun shines a lot in your Adelaide yard and plant there. You may think that your plants don’t need too much sun, but it’s good for them if they’re hydrated enough. This brings us to our next point.


Make sure you water your plants enough. However, it might be hard to determine when your plants need water as a beginner. So, if you want to know if your plants need water, put your finger knuckle deep into the soil. If the soil is dry, you need to water, and if not, your garden is alright.

The best way to ensure you water your garden when necessary is to have a hose handy. If you don’t have a hose close to your garden, have one installed.

Choose Proper Plants

You need to pick varieties of plants that do well in your region. Pick plants that are native to Adelaide and thrive in its weather condition. Also, choose plants that wouldn’t take more space than you have in your Adelaide home. 

Space-Efficient Hacks

Not enough space? Try out containers and planting pots. You can grow a wide variety of plants like shrubs, flowers, herbs etc., in pots.  So if you don’t have enough space in your home to site a garden, you can use containers!

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