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Gardening Tips from a Professional: How to Look After Your Garden this Spring

If you’re not a professional and new to gardening, welcome spring is one of the most intimidating periods in your Adelaide garden. Yet, this is when you’ll be repairing the damage caused by winter and the best time to ensure your plants grow. Spring is the one true period where plants get all the necessary nutrients and conditions to thrive, and you must make the most out of it.

The things you do in your garden now will determine how it’ll survive the remaining seasons. As professionals, we’ve gained a few things over the year on the best things you can do with your garden during spring. So here are some professional gardening tips that’ll help you this spring:

Fertilise Your Soil

Winter takes its toll on the soil- it dries out your soil and sucks it dry of all its nutrients. Before starting any gardening activity, you must ensure your soil is rich enough to handle all your plants and flowers. However, before you begin enriching your soil, you need to know the various nutrients it needs.

Ways you can add moisture or nutrients to your soil include; mulching, adding manure or compost and other things. Fertilising the soil is tricky because too much or too little will ruin your soil - you need to put just enough. Only a professional gardening service would know the right amount of fertiliser your soil needs.

Professional Pruning in Your Adelaide Garden

Not all your plants would have gotten damaged during winter, some would have survived, but you’d need to prune them. Remove their dying parts so they can have increased and healthier growth. Pruning will also control pest infestations and put them under control.

Eliminate Pests

If there’s any time to curb the growth of pests in your garden, it’s now! Before you begin spring gardening like a professional in full, ensure you eradicate all the pests currently in your Adelaide garden. It may seem like there are no pests in your garden, but they’re most likely just hibernating.

Look at all your plants for pests and destroy all the pests you can see. You can also get pesticides to handle your pest issue, but this requires expertise. You could risk damaging your plants if you go overboard on your pesticide; what can you do instead? Call in a professional gardening service! 

Guaranteed garden services can prepare your soil for spring gardening and free it from pests.

Nothing Like Too Much Mulch!

Mulching is one of the best practices you can introduce into your garden. Mulching is different from fertilising because it improves the moisture content of your soil while the latter adds nutrients.

It creates a conducive environment for new plant growth and protects your plants from the harsh Adelaide weather.

Professional Gardening in Adelaide

These are some professional gardening tips that will surely help you this spring, but there are loads more you need to know. So if you’re interested in learning more, call us! We have more tips and services that would help you out with your spring gardening.