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Gardening Tips - Should You Water Your Plants Every Day?

No, you definitely shouldn’t water your plants every day. However, the question of how frequently one should water their plants is a significant Adelaide gardening question. Overwatering your plants can lead to stunted growth because they’ll be getting more water than they can handle. 

Their leaves will turn yellow, and their soils, loose which will, in turn, affect how the plants absorb nutrients.

It’s better to underwater your plants than to overwater them. Most times, plants that are overwatered display signs but unfortunately, you may not notice it early. Here are some signs your plant may show when it’s getting too much water:

Provides an Environment for the Growth of Diseases

Overwatering your plants leaves the soil wet constantly. Pests that affect plants prefer moist soil to lay their eggs, and that’s why you may notice that wet areas usually have many pest infections. 

Beetles love to munch on the plants in your garden lay their eggs in the moist soil of your garden, as that’s where they thrive.

Garden pests prefer wet soil because they draw on the nutrients of the damp soil to survive. One way to know if the plants in your garden are being terrorised by pests is to look for visible signs such as holes in their leaves. 

Prevent the growth of pests in your plants by watering them when you notice the soil is dry. Knowing when and when not to water your plant is the ultimate tip you need to excel in gardening in Adelaide.

Fallen Leaves While Gardening in Adelaide

When your plants are thriving, but their leaves seem to be falling for no reason.  It is a clear sign they’re getting too much water. It’s normal for old leaves to fall off when they’ve gone through their complete life cycle. 

But when young leaves are also falling off along with their buds, you should hold off on how much water you’re feeding them.

When your leaves fall off more than they grow, you’ll be left with barren plants in your garden. For a garden to thrive, more plants need to grow than die or fall off. 

A great way to know how much water is in your soil is by buying a moisture metre. Moisture metres are inexpensive tools that help you gauge how much water is in your soil. 

If you’re more old-fashioned, you can dip your finger two inches into the soil, and if your finger is wet, don’t water your plant. If your finger comes out dry, you don’t need water.

Wet Wilting Plants

Your plant needs water, but it also needs other nutrients such as oxygen. Plants absorb nutrients through their roots, and when their roots are flooded, they won’t be able to take up the necessary oxygen.

Plants wilt when they’re malnourished and also when they’re wet, but the latter is harder to detect. So limit the way you water your plant to be on the safe side.

Gardening in Adelaide

You don’t have to obsess over how you water your plant when irrigation systems can help you. 

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