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Gardening Tips to Help Your Adelaide Garden Survive Winter

Winter is coming, and you’ll need to prepare your garden for it. Due to the frost in Adelaide, you’ll have to take special care while gardening. Because your plants and prized flowers will be vulnerable to this harsh weather.There is a lot of misleading content online. Such as, you don’t need to water your plants during winter, but this is completely false.

You’ll be doing the same thing, just with some extra protective measures. 

Don’t be anxious- you won’t have to take any extreme measures. As long as you try out these helpful tips, your plants will come out stronger than ever.

Do some pre-winter cleanup.

You need to set a good foundation for winter growth and remove anything that could get in the way. Leave only healthy plants in your garden during winter. Rotting or dead plants could harbour all sorts of diseases and pests. If you leave them in, they’ll negatively impact the rest of your plants.

You’ll need to properly inspect your garden for any plant that looks problematic.

Take care of your weeds.

Another thing you should look out for is weeds. Weeds are a common problem in gardening especailly in Adelaide. They starve your plants of necessary nutrients, and they’ll need all they can get this winter. 

Weeds are very stubborn, and you’ll have to be very careful while removing them. You could disturb surrounding plants and uproot them in the process.

And while you’re uprooting the weeds, ensure you get most of the roots out. If you don’t, they’ll simply regrow. Make sure you get rid of most of the weeds in your garden early. 

Frequent watering

It’s a common misconception that you don’t need to water your garden during the winter. However, regardless of the weather in Adelaide, you should water your plants. 

The only difference is that you should water before a freeze during the winter. Once the soil gets frozen, your plants won’t get much moisture. So, you want to make sure they have enough water before this happens.

You’ll also want to keep in touch with the weather during winter gardening. Whenever you see the soil isn’t as frozen, water it.


Mulching is always a good idea, especially when it’s freezing or unstable temperatures. Mulch protects your plants from the frozen air and helps them maintain a stable temperature. It also protects your flowers from damage by shielding them from the extremely cold air.

Apply the right kind of mulch and ensure it’s not too much. You don’t want to choke the plants. 


If you do everything right but fail to protect your plants, you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made. Frost damage is often irreparable, so you’ll have no choice but to let some of your best flowers go. To prevent this, buy a frost cover or any clear, thin sheet you have at home. Make sure they’re not too thick. 

Get your winter gardening right, and you’ll reap the rewards once spring comes. If you need extra help getting your garden ready, Contact Guaranteed Garden Services. We’ll set up your garden with all it needs to get through the winter.