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Getting the Most out of Your Garden This Winter

To some of us, winter may look like the worst time to think about hiring gardening services in Adelaide. You can do a lot on your garden this season, like protecting plants from the cold weather, decorating the yard for the holiday festivities, or planning your garden for the coming season. In this article, we are going to explain some ways you can get the most out of your garden in winter.

Prepare the Garden for Winter

Water the garden before the first hard frost to protect your plants from the cold winter temperatures. Once the garden starts to freeze, place garden bark, evergreen boughs, or shredded leaves around the base of the plants. If you have new plants, wrap them with a layer of burlap inside an insulating material like dried leaves or straw. These steps will see your plants through this season.

Grow Food

You can still grow fresh food during winter. Greens like arugula, lettuce, kales, Swiss chard, and mustard can grow well in a cold season. To get the best results while growing food in this season, Guaranteed Garden Services who have a lot of experience in offering gardening services in Adelaide can provide you with the best tips for your area.

Plant Flowers That Bloom in Winter

What colour would you like your garden to have during winter? Winter-blooming plants are great to uplift your spirits during this cold month. Shrubs like witch hazel, winter hazel and honeysuckle are fragrant and colourful at this time of the year. Early-blooming bulb species like crocus, snowdrops, and winter aconite can even shoot through the snow to prepare your garden for spring.

Create a Natural Environment for Birds and Insects

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we offer the best gardening services in Adelaide where we help homeowners create a friendly garden that can be a source of food to birds and insects all year round; this is to balance the ecosystem. If you want to have more birds populating your garden in winter, place nesting houses. Ensure that each nest-house has the right hole dimension and size, and it is placed well to attract the bird you are targeting.

Decorate Your Garden

Holiday celebrations characterise the winter season. As you decorate your home, do not forget to decorate your garden. Create wreaths from the berries and evergreen boughs from your garden. Use these decors to beautify the garden pathways and flower containers. To add some festive cheer, place twinkling lights or ornaments across the yard.

Create an Indoor Garden

Growing paperwhite amaryllis, narcissus, or any other bulbs is a great way to have some plants indoors. You can also bring other plant’s branches to grow indoors, like the crabapple, forsythia, and witch hazel.

Plan for the Next Year

As you enjoy your holidays, take time to evaluate your garden. What are some of the goals you want to achieve in the coming year? Do you want to tackle a big project? If you're going to create a patio, fire pit, arbor, gazebo, or pathways, contact Guaranteed Garden Services, the best garden service providers in Adelaide.

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