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Guide to Winter Gardening in Adelaide

It’s time to decide whether you want all your gardening efforts so far to waste or last. Winter is coming, and while it may mean good news for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same for the gardening plants in your Adelaide garden.

If this is the first time you’re experiencing winter since you started gardening, you should learn what to do before it arrives.

You’ll need to change things up a bit this winter if you want your garden to thrive and your plants to grow. So keepSo the on reading for some guides to winter gardening in Adelaide.

Get Your Tools Ready

It could have been a while since you’ve used your gardening tools before winter comes. The first thing you need to do is make sure your tools are sharpened and in good condition. Next, fix any tool such as spades with loose handles and sharpen the gardening tools meant to be sharp.

The last thing you want when winter comes in Adelaide is not having any sharp tools. Using dull and dirty tools can affect the health of your plants. The best way to find tools that need repair is to deep-clean your garden shed; clearing it out will let you know the tools you need and don’t need.

Cover Your Plants

You’ll need to protect all the winter-flowering plants you have in your garden. Frost can freeze their buds and damage them, so you’ll need to protect them against it.

 If you’re thinking the buds are looking normal, remember that sometimes, the damage remains hidden. Then when the bud opens, you see the full extent of the damage from the brown colour of the petals. As a result, open flowers may fall to the ground or turn an ugly brown shade.

Prevent this by covering your flowers with an old sheet or a frost cover you can grab from a nearby gardening shop. Do not attempt to use a plastic sheet just because you have it in your home; they heat up when the sun shines on them.

You can also get around your flower buds potentially frosting by cutting and taking them indoors to bloom. 

Careful Watering

Before any significant frost happens, water all your plants. Don’t water your plants after a freeze because the soil will be frozen, and they won’t be able to take up much moisture. It is nice to know the weather forecast in times like this, so you’ll know when a major frost is coming.

Water everything in your garden before the ground is frozen, and you’ll be good to go. Your plants would have already absorbed the necessary water they need.

Arm Your Plants

During the winter, we tend to bundle ourselves under layers of blankets to keep the cold away. You’ll be doing the same thing for your plants too! Cover your plants with frost cloth so they don’t freeze. If you have potted plants, move them closer to your house and preferably under a shade.

With these tips, you’ll have the best time gardening this winter in Adelaide. If you’d like to get your garden ready before the winter comes, contact guaranteed garden services. Once we’re done, all you need to do is maintain it! 

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