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Here's How Much Value A Well-Manicured Garden Can Add To Your Adelaide Home

You need to make some changes to your home if you're planning to sell it. For example, selling your Adelaide home without making some upgrades would put you at a loss because you'll end up selling it for lower than you bought it.

A cost-efficient way to add value to your home is by working on your landscape. A well-kept garden can boost the market value of your property by as much as 15%. But, of course, if you don't care about the landscape, you'd wonder why people would pay extra for it. 

A beautiful garden will add value to your home because:

Aesthetic value

Beauty is a major reason why people purchase homes with beautiful gardens. A thriving ecosystem with a diverse arrangement of flowers is an enthralling sight. And this will make your house stand out in your neighbourhood and attract buyers.

Colourful flowers also introduce or enhance the beauty of homes and can help accentuate the structures. Proper gardening will introduce colour, depth and order to your home and is very helpful if your Adelaide home isn't that attractive and you need a quick solution before listing it.

Most homes don't come with expansive gardens, and that's why people would pay much more for your home.

Saves time, money and stress

When people buy a new home, they'll have many things to do. One of those things is setting up the landscape and looking after the gardening. Many people would rather not deal with this stress, and that's where you come in. Since your home already comes with a trimmed garden, you'll be saving the new owners a lot of resources.

They won't need to spend money or time setting up or establishing the garden. The only thing buyers will need to do is maintain it. And they're getting a great deal because of this. Due to the benefits, your home's value will significantly increase.

Increased privacy

Low fences can be quite deterring. It won't be hard for the neighbours to peek into your home and see your business. But, on the other hand, selling a home with a low fence won't be an easy task because interested buyers will notice how disadvantageous it'll be to them.

Gardening structures such as topiaries will conceal your home from prying eyes. Topiaries are also very attractive, so you'll be getting multiple benefits in one. Guaranteed Garden Services will install a majestic topiary that everyone will envy in your Adelaide home. 

Cost-efficient repairs

When you're about to sell a home, there are a lot of minor repairs you'll need to make. Unfortunately, these repairs can be very expensive and put a dent in your pocket. In addition, issues such as chipped painting or broken fences will require fixing, but there are ways around it.

You can cover up minor housing defects with gardening structures. A well-groomed landscape will save you money, and even if the buyers notice the defects, they won't mind. 

A well-maintained garden also serves as a good relaxation spot- you can go there to read or relax. Are you getting ready to sell your Adelaide home? Our garden maintenance services or a presale cleanup will boost its value. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.