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Here`s How Your Home`s Landscaping Will Get You A High Price At Auction!

How Can Landscaping Increase My Home's Value?

Here in Australia, we seem to have an attachment to the outdoors unlike other countries. No doubt, being blessed with mostly ‘perfect’ weather plays a part in it. So with outdoor living seemingly being in the Australian blood, it makes sense for us to have outdoor spaces that we enjoy – and if we’re selling, ensuring that our property landscaping is in excellent condition is sure to woo potential buyers!

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we understand the impact a well-landscaped and maintained garden can have when it comes to achieving the best price for your Adelaide home, which is why we specialise in pre-sale landscaping services. Our experienced team know what works well when it comes to marketing your home and will work with you to develop a garden design that potential buyers will fall in love with, at first sight!

To find out why you should bother with landscaping before selling your property, keep reading:

Many homeowners think that pre-sale preparation should focus on the interior of the home. We have bought into thinking that a coat of paint, some spring cleaning and decluttering are enough to impress potential buyers. However, improving the overall property landscaping and quality of your garden should be as equally important.

Successful gardening has the potential to add thousands of dollars to your Adelaide property. In fact, landscaping and professional gardening services are one of the few home improvements that add immediate value as well as increase this value over time. Think about it, your paint may peel, but with the proper care your garden will mature and flourish into something awesome!

What Is The Best Thing To Do To Your Garden Before Sale?

Well, if you’ve never been a green thumb investing in a professional gardening service is always going to be a worthwhile investment. At Guaranteed Garden Services, we will work with you to create a landscaping design that you feel best suits your home.

Our team of gardening professionals will offer you sound industry experience and advice to ensure that your home’s garden is looking fit for sale. Something as simple as new turf and trimmed hedges can truly transform your home’s exterior space. The biggest thing to achieve here is a garden environment that is inviting, yet low maintenance!

How Much Value Can I Add To My Adelaide Property?

Real estate professionals say that a professionally landscaped and well-maintained garden can add up to 28 percent of your home’s overall value! Add this to the price of housing, and you’ve got yourself some serious value!

Looking For A Gardening Professional In Adelaide?

If you’re looking for premium gardening professionals in Adelaide, look no further than Guaranteed Garden Services. With years of experience and an unequalled passion for gardening, you can rest assured that we will have your garden in its best shape before your home hits the market.

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