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How Do I Take Care Of My Lawn In Adelaide?

With Autumn nearly upon us and Winter rapidly approaching, you're probably not spending much time thinking about your lawn. But Autumn, with its cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall, is the ideal time to prepare your lawn for next Spring.

Many homeowners often underestimate the amount of care and maintenance required to have that pristine patch of lawn which is so highly desired. Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we’re all about making life easy! That’s why we’ve listed out top tips for maintaining the perfect lawn below.

Give your lawn a little attention now, and you’ll reap the lush, green, healthy lawn rewards later.

Regular Mow

So many people underestimate the importance of regularly mowing your lawn. Much like a haircut, giving your lawn a regular mow will not only enhance the way it looks but also the way it grows.

Reinforcement will see improvement come with time. By regularly mowing you are enabling the healthiest grass shoots to multiply, resulting in a lawn that is more lush, dense and desirable.

An added bonus from regular mowing is that not only are you protecting your lawn from inhabiting grass pests, the fallen shoots left over from the mow act as a natural fertiliser, falling back into the soil and revitalising your grass!

If you’re finding yourself a little time poor, the team at Guaranteed Garden Services offer a lawn mowing service. Better yet, our team can work with you to develop the perfect mowing schedule to ensure that your lawn will always look its best without you ever having to worry about a thing!

Feed and Condition

Just like any living thing, your lawn requires all the right nutrients to keep it looking healthy and green.

Lawn fertilisers are perfect for this and contain the perfect blend of nutrients to support and sustain your lawn all year round, not to mention the added protection it offers throughout the hot Australian months!

Get Water Wise

It is essential to water your lawn all year, however, even more so throughout the warmer months. Watering your grass in the morning gives your garden the opportunity to fully absorb the water before the sun has a chance to evaporate it.

Another time-saving solution is to install irrigation sprinklers around your lawn. This way you can set a timer for the same each day, and all the hard work is done for you!

At Guaranteed Garden Services we are the garden irrigation experts! Our team offers custom-made irrigation solutions to help you better sustain your garden and save money on your water bills!

We get it, taking care of your lawn mowing can be a mean feat at times, but it doesn’t have to be! Call the Guaranteed Garden Services team today, and we can organise the perfect maintenance solution for you!