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How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

We all want to have a healthy lawn. The lawn mowing, however, is a chore that no one wants to do, either because it is time consuming or because not many know what exactly should be done.

When it comes to finding the ideal frequency of mowing your Adelaide lawn, there is no straight answer. It depends on many factors like the weather, the length of the yard and your personal preferences. Some Adelaide homeowners, for example, prefer to keep long grass in their gardens, as it feels more comfortable under bare feet.

Depending on the Season

The recommended lawn mowing frequency varies from one season to another. During the spring or summer, for example, the grass grows rapidly. Therefore, you should be mowing your lawn more frequently. While during the cold months in Adelaide, your lawn may grow slightly or not at all.

The lawn mowing frequency during each season will also vary, according to the amount of rain and sunshine. In hot weather, it is recommended to let the grass grow long enough to shade the roots. While with rain, you might need to increase the lawn mowing frequency, as rain encourages lawn growth. It is imperative though, never to mow your lawn when it is wet. Water gets grass weighed down, which will cause uneven cutting.

It Is a Matter of Length

Your lawn mowing frequency does not matter, as much as the length of your grass. The lawn grows at a different pace, depending on its type and the surrounding environment. What is important is to keep it at a suitable length.

Some people prefer to keep their lawn super-short. This will, consequently, require a specific type of grass and will make your lawn very high maintenance. Otherwise, the yard will look dried out.

On the other hand, if you let your Adelaide grass grow too long, this will reduce its quality and make your lawn a good hiding place for garden pests and rodents.

One-Third Rule

If you allow your lawn grow too long, because you do not have time to cut it, you could end up having to mow your lawn even more often. Cutting too much grass at once will stress the plant, as it steals its food-producing part.

To avoid damaging your Adelaide lawn, you should not cut off more than one third of its length at a time. If your lawn is too tall and you need to remove more than that, you should do another mowing after a few days.

You can repeat this lawn mowing process, as long as you stick to the one-third rule, till you reach the optimal height you desire.

No single straight answer will tell you how often your lawn mowing should take place. Therefore, you should take advantage of our Adelaide gardening expertise at Guaranteed Gardening Services. We can set up a lawn mowing plan that best suits your budget and your Adelaide lawn needs. Contact us now!