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How Professional Landscaping Can Drive Your House Price Up

We’re going to be giving you a little secret today. You don’t have to renovate your Adelaide house or tear it down to sell it at a higher price than you bought it.

Sounds unreal, doesn’t it? But, with professional landscaping, you can transform your house for a small fee and double after you sell your home.

Most people rarely consider landscaping when it comes to increasing their house’s value, which could make it so sought after. Adelaide houses with professionally done landscaping are so rare that buyers can’t help but purchase them at any price.

If you’re ready to make a profit from selling your home, here’s how professional landscaping can drive your house price up

A Clean Up Before The Sale

Having a professional landscaping service clean up your Adelaide home before you sell it. A pre-sale cleanup is when you have the landscape of your home weeded, mowed down, and transformed into a better state. 

Nobody that’s buying would want to purchase one with overgrown surroundings. Some people could decide to buy your Adelaide home with the bushy surroundings, but they would do so at a much lower price. So you’d end up selling off your home at a price that doesn’t reflect its actual value.

A simple pre-sale cleanup is inexpensive and would make you more money than you’d spend on it.

Increased Privacy

There are landscaping practices that give increased privacy along with aesthetic appeal. Such a landscape structure provides grown privacy hedges. Hedging is the act of making a wall out of plants and shrubs. Hedging not only keeps privacy but also covers imperfections in your home’s wall. 

You don’t have to change your fence if it has some cracks before selling it; professional landscaping in Adelaide can quickly solve it. 

Professionals can help you cover up imperfections you’d want to hide in your home. It is not deception because you can show interested buyers the issues with the fence, but that won’t matter since the hedges are covering it. Hedges aren’t a standard fixture in most Adelaide homes, so you can bet many people would be vying to buy the house from you.

Beautiful Landscaping Sculptures in Adelaide

Topiaries are structures made out of trees, plants, and shrubs. They are a rare sight in most homes but can be seen in grand hotels or palaces. Since most people rarely see plant sculptures in homes on the market, topiaries are a guaranteed way to increase the value of your home. 

A majestic swan or animal sculpture is guaranteed to catch the eyes of anyone interested. It’s initially expensive to install, but it stands the test of time in the long run as it doesn’t collapse easily as long as it’s maintained properly.

This timeless fixture will drive the value of your home up and attract lovers of topiaries. Contact guaranteed garden services to invest in our pre-sale cleanup or hedging services. These can be done quickly and right in time for you to sell the house.