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How Regular Garden Maintenance Can Transform Your Property

Garden Maintenance In Adelaide 

When it comes to maintaining your properties garden it can be a time-consuming task. The last thing you want to do is be pulling weeds, and mowing lawns when you’ve just finished a long week of 9-5. However, in order to keep your property looking presentable, you’re forced to make time on the weekend to do so.

With Guaranteed Garden Services, you can have a manicured garden all year round without having to ever lift a finger. Take your well earned weekends back, and enjoy your home the way you were meant to!

Keep reading to discover how a garden maintenance has the ability to completed transform your Adelaide home:

Curbside Appeal

What do people think when they look at your property as a whole? How does it look from the front? Is there something bringing the overall appearance down that you can’t seem to put your finger one? Well, the answer could be as simple as some garden maintenance.

You’d be amazed at the difference a mown lawn, and manicured garden bed can make to the appearance of your property. At Guaranteed Garden Services, we offer professional gardening services that will see your property shine again!

Increase Adelaide Market Value

An added benefit to ensuring your property’s yard is well manicured and landscaped is the value it will add to your home. According to Your Investment Magazine, a well landscaped and maintained garden has the ability to add up to $15,000 to your home’s market value!

If you’re thinking about selling, be sure to give us a call! Our professional team have years of industry experience and know exactly what is required to add that extra value to your home to ensure you achieve the best sale price.

Improve Your Lifestyle!

A garden that is exposed to regular garden maintenance will not only increase your property value but also your way of life! Nothing is more inviting than having a stunning open space that is perfectly manicured for when you entertain friends or having the perfect area for the kids to enjoy the great outdoors. At Guaranteed Garden Services, we can help you achieve just that!

Why Choose Guaranteed Garden Services For Your Adelaide Garden Maintenance?

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we are committed to providing our clients with first-class garden maintenance services. We can help advise you on landscaping as well as providing you with a custom-made garden maintenance program that will suit your garden’s needs perfectly.

We cover everything from lawn mowing and edging to new landscaping, as well as irrigation system installation.

Our gardening maintenance services incorporate all aspects of gardening including:

  • Landscaping;
  • Garden care and weed control;
  • Irrigation installation and repairs;
  • Hedging and Trimming;
  • Mulching;
  • Lawn restoration and repair;
  • General garden clean up

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