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How to Keep Your Garden Healthy During Summer

We all know what an Adelaide summer entails. Longer days, hotter temperatures and more time to spend enjoying the outdoors. As we begin to shake off our winter hibernation and rejoice in being able to have a classic Australian BBQ again, it’s important to give our beloved gardens the tender loving care they deserve now, so that you can ensure your garden stays hydrated and flourishes over summer. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve listed our top 5 garden maintenance tips to keep your garden healthy during the warmer months.

1). Choose waterwise plants

When choosing plants for your garden, making the right choice is vital to their survival. Making an informed decision and selecting plants that are best suited to the Adelaide climate, will allow you to create a garden that will look great throughout the summer.

Consider plants such as succulents, rosemary or kangaroo paws – these species thrive in hot weather and are best suited to direct overhead sun exposure.

2) Work the soil

The more effort put into your soil before planting anything will ensure that your plants look better for longer because of the increased nutrients and water supply. Adding structure to sandy soil with natural products such as bentonite clay or a ready-made soil improver will ensure that your soil is retaining water for longer and reduce a number of air pockets. This will also help with future garden maintenance, giving your plants the best opportunity to flourish.

3) Update your irrigation system and irrigation to suit your area

Due to Adelaide’s warm summer climate and the increasing water restrictions, irrigation systems have proven to have progressed significantly in the past ten years and have been designed to make your water usage as efficient as possible.

Choose an irrigation system that best suits your area. Drip irrigation reduces evaporation rates compared to that of spray systems. At Guaranteed Garden Services we are experts in irrigation and can provide your home with a system to best benefits your garden needs.

4). Water at the right time

Watering your plants at the right time of day can make all the difference. The recommended times to water throughout summer is in the early morning or evening.

5) Give your garden a helping hand

As pots have drainage, they lose water quickly, which can affect veggies, plants or herbs that you may be growing within them. To help your plants maintain water for longer use products that assist with this such as soil wetter or water saving crystals. These help by absorbing water, and then re-releasing it back into the soil as required.

6) Light and Shade

Most plants love sunlight. However the scorching temperature in Adelaide can do your plants more harm than good. If you have pot plants, consider moving them into an area with balanced light and shade. Investing in some sail material is a great way to provide your grass with some temporary sun protection on the sweltering days.

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