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How to Prepare Your Adelaide Garden for Autumn And Winter

Preparing Your Garden For Autumn And Winter:

As the Winter months approach, our gardens are starting to succumb to the nip of cooler temperatures and morning frosts. As a homeowner, it can be easy to neglect our home’s landscapes during those frosty months, but if you want to ensure that your home’s garden is looking it’s best all year round, there are a few ways you can help prepare your landscaping and see it look its best all year round.

Here at Guaranteed Gardening Services, we have been helping Adelaide residents keep their gardens in premium condition for over ten years! Our team is passionate, professional and committed to ensuring our customers receiving nothing but first-class gardening services every time.

If you’re worried about the colder months that are approaching and how your beloved garden will fare, we have listed a few helpful tips you can follow to help ensure your garden makes it through and looks good while doing so. Not to mention that these tips will help your garden prepare for the following seasons.

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Know the Season

If you’re thinking about giving your garden a refresh and planting some new foliage, it is highly essential that you choose plant species that are well suited to the season you’re planting them in.

Many consider Spring to be the prime planting time, however throughout Autumn is the best time to plant and transplant many plant species. Before the full force of Winter hits is the best time for you to plant bulbs, bare-rooted roses and trees. It is because the soil is still warm in temperature and evaporation is generally low, and the days are still long enough for plants to develop new roots that will see them through winter.

Look After the Lawn

Before it gets too cold, it’s a great time to build up resilience for your lawn. Not only will this help your grass cope with the harsh Winter conditions, but keep your grass looking better for longer.

Do this with a few easy steps that will see you reap the benefits. Start by feeding your grass with a slow-release fertiliser that is specially formulated for Autumn and Winter. Next, hose on a soil stimulant such as Seasol to increase biological activity. Then be sure to treat your lawn for weeds. It can be done by hand or with a selective lawn weeder.

Hire an Adelaide Professional

Investing in a professional gardener from Guaranteed Garden Services will see your garden ready and prepared for the chilly Winter months ahead. Our team is experienced and committed to our customers, meaning that we deliver the best results every time. To find out more, be sure to call a member of our team today!