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How to Stay on Top of Your Garden Maintenance

Simple Garden Maintenance Tips 

We get it, maintaining a beautiful garden is time-consuming and can be a lot of work. From weeding through to mowing the lawn and everything in between, managing to fit in your garden maintenance into your busy lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge.

Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we understand the commitment it takes to maintain a beautiful garden. That’s why we are here to help! With years of progressive industry experience and a passion for garden excellence, we can provide you with the best tips and tricks to ensure that you stay ahead of all of your garden maintenance needs!

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Install Irrigation

Living in Australia, things get hot! And for our gardens to survive our world-renowned summer heat waves, they need to be kept hydrated through the means of regular watering. However, sometimes homeowners don’t have the time or energy to do so.

Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we specialise in the design and installation of home irrigation systems. We will set up your system in a way that will benefit your garden the most. We will also set up your watering timer so you’ll never have to worry again if you remembered to turn the tap off!

Lawn Mowing

Setting up a regular lawn mowing routine for yourself can be beneficial, but also hard to stick to if you live a busy lifestyle. Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we are lawn mowing professionals and can do all the hard work for you! We understand grass growth patterns and will be able to advise you on the best garden maintenance plan to ensure that your lawn is always cared for and looking its best!

Our professional team understand the Adelaide climate, especially in Summer. Anything up to 26 degrees will promote lawn growth. However, anything above 30 degrees will stunt it. If the temperature rises, we recommend not cutting your lawn too short and instead, leaving it about 5 cm, which will aid in protecting the soil from drying out.


Weeding is a pain, and we get it. But there are tried and proven ways that you can make your weeding garden maintenance a little easier. Right from the planting of your garden beds, pack them densely to prevent weeds from popping through, mulch will also prevent weeds from sprouting in the future.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we can take care of your weeding and other garden maintenance requirements – you'll never have to lift a finger! Working with you and your lifestyle we can help you create the garden of your dreams and maintain it on a regular level.

If you’re looking for a professional gardening service, look no further than the Guaranteed Gardening Service team today!