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Irrigation mistakes to avoid in Adelaide

Irrigation in Adelaide is a great way to automatically supply your beloved lawn and plants with much-needed water throughout the summer months. A simple irrigation system means that even when you are away from home, there’s no need to worry about watering your garden.

While a relatively straightforward system, there are a few things that can go potentially wrong. The following is a list of irrigation mistakes people make while setting up their new system – hopefully these tips will stop you from doing the same.

Incomplete head zone coverage

Each irrigation head has a maximum radius in which it can reach. If you inaccurately measure or install your irrigation system inaccurately, the area you wish to reach won’t receive full coverage. Also making sure that the system you have chosen has the correct spray nozzles for the area’s distance. If you do purchase the wrong ones, it may be cheaper to replace them rather than having to pay an excess on your water bill.

Irrigating lawns and garden beds together

This is often a mistake people make because they want to save water, but you’re actually wasting it. Your grass areas should be irrigated separately from any planter beds and shrubs. Root systems on trees are actually much larger than that of grass, meaning that your trees and shrubs will only need half the amount of water compared to that of your lawn.

Wrong timing of irrigation system operation

This is probably the most common, but also the easiest mistake to avoid. While it is nice to see your irrigation system working in daylight, there can be issues associated with doing so. The best time to set your irrigation system to is during the early hours of the morning, minimising the risk or fungal issues and higher rates of evaporation.

Using incorrect spray nozzle patterns

Much like choosing the correct head zones, choosing the wrong spray patterns could result in your plants not receiving an adequate amount of water. Making sure to check everything is in working order will save you time and money. If you find you are using the incorrect one, replacing the spray nozzle and body is a much better option than wasting all of that water.

Not installing a rain shutoff device

This is a great way to save yourself a lot of money, yet a significant amount of homeowners don’t take the time to consider getting a rain shut off device. This will allow your irrigation system to turn itself off during periods of heavy rainfall, or when watering is not necessary. These nifty devices can save you up to 15 percent off yearly water costs.

When choosing to set up an irrigation system, make the right choice and go with an irrigation expert in Adelaide.

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