Guaranteed Garden Services Adelaide

Landscaping Services You'll Love!

Are you planning to make some changes to your Adelaide home? Then, you'll be looking at inexpensive options that will make the most significant changes to your home. One option to be considered would be a landscaping service.

Making changes to your landscape can instantly beautify your home and increase its value in the long term. You stand to gain a lot by transforming your lawn; all you have to do now is choose which service you want. You have a vast range of alternatives to pick from, and here are some you'll love:

Pre-sale cleanup 

If you are making preparations to sell your home, this is one landscaping service you'll be needing. Increasing your home's curb appeal is important to attract homebuyers, and an unkempt yard will only chase them away.

An unattractive yard will also give the impression that you can't be bothered to put much effort into your Adelaide home. A good cleanup is more than enough to spruce up your home and highlight its good features.

If you're having issues selling your home, a professional cleanup could be all you need to turn things around.

Lawn installation and maintenance

Lawns are an amazing addition to any Adelaide home and are sought after for numerous reasons. A lawn will boost your home's appeal and give you more space. Gatherings, hangouts etc., can all be hosted on your lawn, so you have more room for recreational activities.

If you already have a lawn, all you need is lawn maintenance, which you should outsource to a landscaping service because professionals are better at it.

For example, you could choose to mow your lawn yourself, but only professionals know the best grass length. As a result, you could cut your lawn too short or leave it too long, which could, in turn, breed pests.

Does your lawn have empty patches? Having empty patches on your lawn is a sign that you're mowing wrongly, and you need guaranteed garden services. With a landscaping service, your grass will flourish like never before.


Gardening is an excellent activity to undertake. It gives you a chance to be self-sufficient when growing vegetables, and it beautifies your home. 

Professional assistance is advisable when you want to start a garden. Your garden needs to be set on a suitable spot in your home that gives it the best nutrients and shade from the elements. 

If you already have a garden, but you're not noticing much growth, or your plants are dying, you need to bring an expert in.


Watering your lawn and garden is time-consuming, especially since you'll have to do them at particular periods. You'll have engagements that require your time, and once you get back from work, you'd be too tired to water your landscape.

An irrigation system will solve all your problems because your landscape will get the nutrients it needs whether you're present or not. Your garden will get neglected without an irrigation system, and your plants will rot. 

Which of these landscaping services do you need urgently? If you're unsure, Guaranteed Garden Services can come in and take a look - oh, and it's free!