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Landscaping Tips For A Low Maintenance Yard

Top Tips For Low Maintenance Gardening 

Everybody wants to have a glorious backyard - someplace that is lush, green and inviting. However, wanting it and having it are two very different things. Ideally, we want our gardens to look good, but also be low-maintenance enough to fit in with our busy lifestyles.

Here at Guaranteed Garden Services, we have been in the gardening game for well over ten years. We have the knowledge and experience to accurately understand what it is that people want from their Adelaide gardens. It is why we offer tailored garden maintenance plans that make looking after your garden space a breeze – we do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour!

To help ensure that you plan out your perfect garden, we have listed a few of our top tips for creating a low-maintenance Adelaide garden. Keep reading to find out more:

Create An Outdoor Living Space

Not only will an outdoor living space create a focal point of difference and a functional area for your backyard, but it will also reduce the amount of grass and plants you have to look after and therefore your garden maintenance commitments.

Simply create an area of your yard that will comprise of paving or decking. You’ll never have to maintain it, apart from the occasional sweep, and you will gain space that will enhance your entire garden!

Mulch Will Be Your Best Friend!

Whether it’s around the perimeter of your grass or for an entire bed, adding mulch is the perfect way to reduce your garden maintenance commitments. How? Well, mulch will not only fertilise your plants, but it will also break down and prevent unwanted weeds from popping up.

You also never have to mow it, and it’s easy and inexpensive to replace when needed.

Use Native Plants

Selecting a range of plants that are native to Australia will see you automatically reduce your garden maintenance requirements. Meaning, less water and pruning, and more enjoyment!

Artificial Lawn

It may seem obvious, but installing artificial grass is a sure-fire way to reduce your garden maintenance requirements. Today’s synthetic lawn types are extremely durable meaning that no matter what your lifestyle or family throws at it, you will have a handsome lawn all year round!

Professional Garden Maintenance Services In Adelaide

If you’re looking into ways to reduce your garden maintenance commitments, look no further than the team at Guaranteed Garden Services. With over a decade of service experience and a passion for excellence in the industry, you can put away your gardening gloves and know that your garden will always look its best! Talk to us about our garden maintenance services.

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