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Looking at Getting the Most Out of a Small Garden?

We Can Help!

Count how many times you let out a sigh for each time you look at pictures of gardens in homes magazines. That number tells you how much you want a garden for your home! Then you talk yourself out of the dream and convince yourself that your space is just a wee bit too small to make it functional. Well, don’t let the size of your garden space limit your imagination.

With some valuable help from your experts at Guaranteed Garden Services, you can watch your vision come alive and create a new favourite space; a space that will provide much-needed relaxation and respite from the anxieties of the daily grind.

Here’s how the professionals at Guaranteed Garden Services can turn your tiny space into the garden of your dreams:

Your Vision Is Our Inspiration

When you book a consultation, one of us will come to your home and look at your space. We will discuss your desires and give you honest advice.

Before we arrive, you may want to cut out some garden pictures (from the homes magazine) and discuss what it is about each image that you liked and even talk about the possibilities of integrating some of the elements into the design of your garden.

You may also jot down some other details or features you may have seen in your travels – a mini waterfall crafted from earthen urns perhaps or a tiny pond for some pet koi.


The team at Guaranteed Garden Services will help you come up with a cohesive design by taking cues from the architecture and style of your home. The exterior colours of the house as well can draw some inspiration for the plants you would choose for the garden. Integrating these elements in the garden design will make your space look much more significant.


There is an endless possibility here. A good garden doesn’t always rely on flowers to make it come alive. Many plant specimens dazzle with colours from their foliage. Topiaries are great space savers when trained to go vertical or taller than the rest of the plants.

A Little Patch of Grass

Yes, that is all you need! Tuck it in one corner, in front of an arbour or trellis with a flowering climbing vine acting as a backdrop. The patch of turf will be the stage highlighted by a perennial border of plants with foliage that can complement the brick facade of the home or the fence. Add some potted flowering plants for a splash of colour or even a small water feature right in front of the border for an added detail.


Whether your plants need getting established, mulched, watered, pruned, deadheaded, or fertilised, the experts at Guaranteed Garden Services have you covered. We have the skills usable for all facets of lawn and garden maintenance, as well as the best quality tools to do these jobs.

Look no further! It is the team at Guaranteed Garden Services that you want. Our years of experience and the passion we show in our craft cannot be beaten in this business. You will come out the winner as you enjoy your garden for many years – no matter what size it is!