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Maintain your Adelaide garden and reap the health benefits of outdoor leisure

Calling in a professional garden maintenance and lawn-mowing service, like Guaranteed Garden Services, based right here in Adelaide, will free up your time at home, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your garden, and reaping the health benefits of longer spells in nature.

Health Benefits

Logging extra time outdoors has immense healing potential. Natural scenery has been proven to lower our blood pressure and respiration rate, and curb stress hormones, all of which can guard your body against disease. One study demonstrated that ninety percent of participants, who had felt anxious, transitioned to a calm state after spending time outside.

Adelaide is blessed with oodles of sunshine all throughout the year, and sunning yourself in the garden is a terrific way to ensure that your body receives adequate vitamin D. In a study involving more than 11,000 Australian adults, Deakin University found that almost one third suffered from vitamin D deficiency. This a worrying statistic, given that this multitasking vitamin is vital to bone and cell growth, and powers neuromuscular and immune function.

This power-packed nutrient also quashes inflammation, which can lead to disease if left unchecked. Some doctors believe that upping our vitamin D3 levels could slash the rates of some cancers in half.

Vitamin D is not easily found in foods in substantial amounts, and spending a sensible amount of sunscreen-free time outside is necessary for optimum health. Aim for ten to fifteen minutes of high quality sunlight each day before stopping to slip-slop-slap and getting back to enjoying your Adelaide garden.

You could get your sunlight quota while gardening, but with our busy, modern lifestyles, you could get so much more enjoyment from a well-maintained outdoor haven, if you call in the professionals. Get outside and play with the kids, workout in the sun, or ask your mates around for a summer barbecue. You wouldn’t have to wait to finally get around to tidying up the yard before entertaining, your lawn and garden could look immaculate every day.


‘Green exercise’ is a fantastic new trend, as more and more people discover the benefits of keeping fit in the presence of nature. A meta-analysis of ten studies determined that as little as five minutes of physical activity outdoors, boosts our mood and self-esteem. Adelaide’s own Guaranteed Garden Services, can create and maintain a beautiful outdoor setting for you to enjoy, while working up a sweat.

Encouraging the kids to spend time in the backyard has never been more important. This generation of adults practically lived outdoors as children, but these days kids are lucky to spend one hour per weekday in nature. One study reported that kids were opting to do chores, in preference to playing outside!

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles are causing a major decline in children’s health. Skyrocketing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes and vitamin D deficiency in children can all be remedied by devoting more time to outdoor play.

Rates of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are also on the rise, and increased time among nature has been shown to improve the focus of children with the condition and better their performance on concentration tests. Last child in the woods, by acclaimed nonfiction author Richard Louv, uses the term ‘nature deficit disorder’ to explain the soaring rates of behavioural issues we are seeing in our children.
Your time in the great outdoors will be freed up for leisure, when you decide to bring in a superior garden maintenance, lawn-mowing and landscaping service to create, and care for, your Adelaide garden.

Give Guaranteed Garden Services a call today on 0407 304 977, for a friendly chat about your gardening needs, and we’ll arrange a complimentary, obligation-free quote, at a time that’s best for you.