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Working in the garden can be very fulfilling – no house can ever be called beautiful without its healthy, luscious landscaping that includes a manicured lawn, small trees, specimen plants and a flower border or two, here and there. What started as a design idea has now taken centre stage as an object of neighbourhood envy!

As much as you want to keep it up, you know that your garden has overtaken some of your priorities - like your significant other, kids, and pets. It is time to get some help!

Garden services in Adelaide has never been a breeze when you have the team at Guaranteed Garden Services on your side. We’ve come to your rescue and here’s our plan:

Grass Maintenance

  • Mowing

When spring and summer arrive, your lawn will need regular maintenance. It is one way to ensure healthy grass - green and thriving. Guaranteed Garden Services maintain cutting schedules and the right grass height for your garden so you won’t have to worry about it.

  • Fertilising

When your lawn has lost its freshness and vigour, it may mean that the grass is undernourished. Your Guaranteed Gardening Services team know what your grass needs to feed on and the frequency of feeding.

Should you wish to go the organic way, we can use chicken manure pellets which will have the same effect of encouraging leaf growth.

  • Watering

We can install a sprinkler system to automate this much-needed chore. We could also consider replanting grass and use a more drought-resistant cultivar.

  • Other Lawn Services

Aerating and resodding bald areas, killing moss and weeds are just some of the things we can add to the grass maintenance plan for your lawn.

Garden Maintenance

  • Tree and Hedge Trimming 

To keep your specimen trees in their best form, they need regular trimming. We can also reshape any topiaries you may have or turn one of your bushes into one for a stunning centrepiece in your garden.

  • Fertilising

Just like grass, your garden plants need food. The Guaranteed Garden Services team will carry out a feeding program for your beauties. Tell us if you want to go organic which we encourage, and we'll do the rest.

  • Mulching

An adequately mulched garden border will thrive with much less maintenance as it keeps plants’ roots moist or prevents drying out. It will also promote weed control.

  • Watering

More than fertiliser, plants need regular watering. We will give your garden and lawn a good soaking each time we come to your place and leave the light watering in between for you.

Deadheading Spent Flowers

To prevent your flowers from going to seed, so they don't go into early retirement, flowers need deadheading. It is a tedious chore that pays back with more flowers. Plants know only one thing, and that is the survival of their species.

Let the flowers go to seed (and reproduce), and you have helped them realise their purpose, and they will die. This is true for annuals – begonias, petunias, marigolds, chrysanthemums, some daisies and zinnias to name a few.

Raking Leaves and Preparation for Winter

In Autumn, when it gets cold, and the leaves fall, we'll rake them for you. We will prepare the plant beds for winter. It will ensure that you don’t lose any of your precious plants. We will top up the mulch which will act as a blanket to keep your expensive plants nice and cozy as they hibernate.

These are just some the garden services in Adelaide that Guaranteed Garden Services can do for you and your garden. You have hired the best team, and we have a contract, but the bonus is leaving you with a smile on your face as you admire your stunning garden!

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