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Maintain your Adelaide garden without getting your hands dirty

If maintaining a healthy garden were as simple as throwing a few seeds in the soil and giving them the occasional splash of water, our homes would each overlook a flourishing outdoor oasis, teeming with life. Alas, that is often not the case, and garden maintenance tends to be neglected in favour of our busy lives. Whether you’re envisioning a bumper veggie harvest, a rainbow of florals, lush foliage, or all three, maintaining your Adelaide garden requires an intermingling of time, consistency, knowledge and the right tools.

Garden Health

The perfect garden requires careful consideration, regarding the sun, shade and water requirements of your chosen plants. Ideally, plants with similar needs will be planted together. Your soil must be analysed for mineral levels and pH, which informs what may need to be added, in preparation for planting. In addition to planting and watering, the soil needs to be worked and aerated. Pruning, composting and irrigation further enhance your garden’s health, and require an even greater time investment. Each of these tasks require the experience and gardening maintenance savvy that our Adelaide team have in abundance.

You don’t need to aim for the most elaborate garden on the block, simply keeping your garden tidy, with regular lawn-mowing and pruning, can make the greatest difference to your landscape, and the usability of your yard. You also don’t need a vast expanse of outdoor space to be able to be able to enjoy a lush, green garden; some creative landscaping and maintenance, can turn the smallest of spaces into an outdoor, or indoor, paradise. Our garden maintenance professionals can create, and care for, the garden you're dreaming of. You can entrust us with all your garden maintenance needs, or you can take care of your favourite tasks and leave the chores to us!

Hire Professionals

Whether you find catharsis while muddying your hands in the earth, or you can’t bear the thought of destroying your weekly manicure, many Adelaideans simply don’t have the time required to mow their lawns, let alone maintain a multitude of plant life, with varying needs. As we edge ever nearer to the cooler seasons, there will be even less impetus to get out in the cold and wet of Adelaide’s autumn and winter, to maintain our gardens, but this is when the most important work is done, to sow the seeds of a vibrant spring garden.

Guaranteed Garden Services are Adelaide’s garden maintenance specialists, and we will work with you to create a gardening timetable that marries with your budget, schedule and landscaping vision.

Get in touch with the friendly team at Guaranteed Garden Services if you would like to begin achieving your dream garden today. We are Adelaide’s trusted name in garden maintenance, and we are passionate about caring for all gardens, big or small. With our team on your side, the only thing you’ll need to do is get outside and enjoy your garden. Call us on 0407 304 977 to discuss your outdoor needs, and arrange for a free, no-obligation quote.