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Make Others Green with Envy with Our Gardening Tips

Creating a beautiful garden requires a lot of work. You need to plant, prune, sow, mow, rake, water, and even dig in all the different seasons across the year. Today, we are going to share with you our top tips that will make you enjoy a beautiful garden while gardening in Adelaide. Our tips will help you update your garden accessories, create a unique garden, and inspire your neighbours to visit your garden. Let's begin.

Perfect Your Basics

If you can understand the importance of seasonal gardening in Adelaide, you will have a beautiful garden all year round. Let us look at what you need to do in each season:


Clean up any winter debris by raking the lawn, removing weeds and dead leaves. In this season, it will be easier to get rid of young weeds that have smaller roots. Also, check for any frost damage signs on your plants to counter fungi and insects. Spring is also the time you conduct your first mowing to help keep your lawn healthy. To remove moss and weeds, introduce garden fertiliser at this time.


During the warm weather, water your plants. Collect rainwater when possible and use it on your plants instead of using tap water. Since the temperatures will be high at this time, it is essential to protect your soil through mulching. Since this season attracts more insects and pests like caterpillars and aphids, check your plants regularly and remove any damaging insects by hand. It is advisable to do it by hand so that you can let bugs that help your garden survive to live while you only remove the dangerous pests.


Since the harsh winter season comes after autumn, prepare your tender plants by taking them inside a shelter. For your garden, ensure that you rake dead leaves to prevent rotting. Prune your hedges carefully in winter to have a full and compact result throughout winter. Autumn is the ideal season to plant evergreens that create a full and structured garden throughout the year. You can introduce Daphne shrubs which are known to blossom in winter and early spring.


Winter is the time when trees become a priority for your garden. Even if you have a small garden, you need to have at least one tree that can act as a windbreaker, a wildlife habitat and also add privacy and structure to your garden. If you already have a big tree, prune it this season instead of cutting it down. If you want to plant trees, pick a time between November and March. Also, ensure that your tree is three-quarters of its final height away from your property. The most beautiful and ideal trees for your garden can include Acer grism, silver birch, and Pyrus.

Be Creative

Some paint can change the look of your garden. A fun splash of colours on some garden furniture or old tyres can breathe a new life in your garden. You can use upturned coloured glass bottles to create a beautiful border between your flower beds. You can also use a spent light bulb to create small terrariums. The possibilities are immense while gardening in Adelaide if you become creative with items within your backyard.

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