Guaranteed Garden Services Adelaide

Professional lawn-care improves the street appeal of your Adelaide home

A lush, well-manicured expanse of lawn is the dream of Adelaide homeowners, but for many, lawn-mowing is one of those chores that always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list. Our lifestyles are so busy, that when the weekend comes around, we want to go outside and enjoy our gardens, not labour over them. But, unkempt, straw-like lawns, and an abundance of prickly grass seeds can really get in the way of our enjoyment.

Enter Guaranteed Garden Services—Adelaide’s lawn-mowing professionals. We can take care of all your lawn maintenance needs, freeing up your spare time for leisure, whilst adding value to your home.

Real Estate agents agree

An immaculate, verdant patch of lawn enhances your home’s landscape, and is essential to its selling appeal, potentially adding tens of thousands of dollars to your property’s value. Potential buyers or renters view a well-maintained lawn as an indication that your home has been well cared for, and enables them to envision themselves spending quality time in the outdoors, living the Great Australian Dream.

The result being that people are often prepared to invest more for the privilege of living there. If you are considering putting your house on the market in the future, it is never too early to invest in quality lawn care, to give your home a fighting chance in Adelaide’s competitive housing market.

We all have that one garden in our street that is the envy of the neighbourhood. With Adelaide’s lawn-care and lawn-mowing specialists on your team, there is no reason that your garden can’t be that garden. Guaranteed Garden Services have the passion, skill and know how to keep your lawns in optimum condition.

Regular lawn-mowing is essential to lawn health

Proper equipment and technique are crucial for your lawn to flourish. David R. Mellor, former head groundskeeper at Boston’s famed Fenway Park, echoes these sentiments, prescribing weekly mowing, sharp mower blades and quality fertilisers as his lawn care musts. Mellor also recommends frequently changing mowing patterns, and making mower turns off the grass, to avoid weakening your lawn.

The gardening wizards at Guaranteed Garden Services offer a range of flexible lawn care and lawn-mowing services in Adelaide; we have the specialist knowledge required to achieve a thriving, enviable patch of lawn in your garden.

Guaranteed Garden Services will work within your budget and calendar, to create a lawn-mowing schedule that you and your lawns will love! If you would like to take advantage of our professional lawn care services, give our friendly team a call on 0407 304 977 to discuss your outdoor needs, and arrange for a free, no-obligation quote, at a time that’s convenient for you.