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Read the Signs, Here`s What Your Garden Is Trying to Tell You!

Just because your plants cannot talk, that does not mean they are not trying to communicate with you. Changes in the colour or form of your plants could be warning signs that your garden needs something.

At Guaranteed Gardening Services, our over ten years of experience enables us to read these visual cues and catch any minor issues before they develop into more significant problems. Our expert gardeners will work with you to create tailored solutions that ensure your Adelaide garden will receive the care and attention it needs to flourish.

Here are a few warning signs to look for in your garden:

Plants Have Yellow Edges or Are Misshapen

These are the signs of an over watered garden. Flooding your garden is just as bad as not giving it enough water. Over watering does not provide the roots with a chance to breathe. That is why it is considered one of the top reasons why houseplants die.

Over watering, however, could also be attributed to the plant pot. If the pot does not have adequate drainage or does not have any drainage holes at all, it will hold too much water inside, causing your plant to drown.

To resolve this problem, you should not withhold the water entirely, as your garden needs to stay hydrated. You have to find the right amount of water it needs.

The right irrigation system will save you all of this hassle, especially with Adelaide’s harsh climate conditions. That is why, here at Guaranteed Gardening Services, offer custom made garden irrigation solutions to maintain your beautiful garden and keep it adequately hydrated. We customise our irrigation systems to suit different garden environments, lifestyles and budgets.

Brown and Crunchy Plants

Thirsty plants will get brown and crunchy over time. Under-watered plants are one of the biggest and most common problems in gardening. Your garden needs the water to facilitate the absorption of nutrients it needs from the water itself or the soil.

Guaranteed Gardening Services can provide your Adelaide garden with premium mulch. Mulch does not just enrich your soil and makes it more resistant to pests, providing a healthier growing environment for your garden. It also keeps the ground moist by preventing water from drying out of the topsoil. It could reduce your garden watering needs by up to 60 per cent.

Pale Looking Plants

If you noticed that your plants are looking pale, this means they are hungry and lack nutrition. To solve this problem, you need to provide your garden with suitable fertilisers more frequently.

We know at Guaranteed Gardening Services that the soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. Through our services, we help you improve your soil’s quality and provide you with the proper nutrition that your Adelaide garden needs.

To keep your Adelaide garden healthy and make it flourish, contact Guaranteed Gardening Services today!