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Seasonal Garden Maintenance That Will Get Your Garden Shining All Year Round!

Spring is the favourite season for gardeners; it makes your Adelaide garden flourish. But what if you could keep your garden beautiful and healthy all year-round?

To achieve a four-season gardening success, you need to make a garden maintenance plan that works with the different weather conditions, not against them.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we understand that your Adelaide plants need four distinct seasonal garden maintenance plans to look their best all year long. That is why our expert gardeners develop tailored garden maintenance solutions to suit every seasonal requirement.


Because of the cold weather and the hard or waterlogged soil, winter garden maintenance focuses more on protecting your garden and existing plants, rather than planting new ones.

During winter, one of the significant risks that faces your Adelaide garden is the uneven ground temperature. A thick layer of newly spread mulch will insulate the soil.

Just like mulch, snow piles can also be an excellent soil insulator. Be aware though that heavy snow piles, along with the freezing temperature, can cause the branches of sensitive trees to snap. That is why you should use a broom to brush snow off the branches regularly .


As the ground warms up, it will be time for your Adelaide garden to recover from the harsh winter conditions. Remove any leftover snow and clean up all the dead or broken branches. It is also essential to keep an eye on the weather report and watch out for any late frosts or early hot, dry spells.
If the soil is drying out quickly, this is an indication that your garden needs deeper watering and fertilisation sessions.

To revive the weak grass and repair any dead patches, dethatch and aerate the lawn and use a spring fertiliser.


With frost well behind you, preparation for the hot, dry weather should top your list of the summer garden maintenance. Water your garden, as much as needed, early in the morning. Otherwise, the water will evaporate quickly.

During the summer your grass will be growing faster. Mow as much as needed, just do not remove more than one-third of the grass height at one time and let your grass grow taller to withstand the heat and the drought.

Any weeds should be uprooted before they multiply. You should also check regularly for any insects or plant diseases. With the proper garden maintenance, you can extend your Adelaide summer garden well into autumn.


Seize this season, before the soil becomes too hard or frosty. Rake autumn leaves as needed and compost them. If diseased plants, leaves or weeds were not removed entirely from your Adelaide garden, the same disease could recur in the upcoming spring.

Over-seed lawn spots that need refreshing and use fall grass fertilisers to repair them. Before the first frost, harvest any vegetables.
To keep your Adelaide garden flourishing all year long, try our garden maintenance services. Contact Guaranteed Garden Services today!